About ME

Hi, I'm Stephanie. I'm so glad you stopped by!

I am a 29-year-old, Christian, newly-ish-wed, first-time-mom, church piano player, high school Spanish teacher. I'm going through lots of changes right now! We are working on our finances to get out of debt, de-cluttering our home, getting our beautiful 11-month-old daughter Brooklyn sleep trained, graduating from college (that would be my husband Waylon), getting certified to teach elementary (that would be me!) and many, many more things!

I have a great family! My father is now a pastor at GracePointe Baptist Church (a church he started on Easter Sunday of 2006) where I am the pianist, my husband is the drummer and my brother is the music director. We're growing as a church and really seeing God bless us! My mom does caterings at a BBQ restaurant here in the area. My younger brother is a graphic designer. My older sister is a wonderful wife and mother to two beautiful girls. Unfortunately, she married while we lived in New Hampshire and her family stayed there in Massachusetts. She has a great blog that you should go check out. She's a witty, funny, interesting blogger with lots of pictures of her adorable daughters and loving husband.

My husband Waylon is finishing up his degree in History at UTA, where I graduated also. He currently works as a sales associate for a company that sells Verizon FIOS services. He's doing great!

I am a high school Spanish teacher. I'm on a quest to get certified to teach younger students. I would like to expand my teaching field opportunities and I'm praying God will guide me in the direction He wants as far as my teaching career goes.

My daughter Brooklyn is an amazing little gal! She was born July 15, 2009, weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 6oz and 21.5 inches long! Yes, she was a beefy little girl! She is the joy of our lives and keeps us on our toes! We are blessed to have my parents as our "day care" providers and she absolutely adores them!