Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm still he

I know it's been a while since I've written anything on here and to be quite honest, I just haven't felt up to it. I feel like if I don't have anything MAJOR to tell, then it's kind of a pointless entry. Life is moving along at the quick pace it often does when you have a gazillion things that still need to be done. We're still a little unsure of our living arrangement as the slight possibility of us getting to live in a house has come up. Again, it's just a slight possibility and we're not getting our hopes up. I still plan on putting down the deposit in two weeks for the apartment we'll be upgrading to in June. I would obviously post something when any new information on this is available. So I'm not even going to write anything else about it...

We are in our last 6 week grading period for the school year! It's such a HUGE relief! While it IS TAKS week this week, it's still kind of exciting b/c it gets the first week of the 6 weeks out of the way pretty painlessly as far as work in the classroom is concerned. Kids are mentally exhausted by the time the afternoon classes come along so they have been better behaved. Thursday I get to miss the whole morning of TAKS because I'll be at my doctor's appointment where I will take the 1 hour glucose test. Not looking forward to that at all. But then Saturday is the BIG 3D ultrasound! I'm so excited I could pee my pants! Of course, that's also a side effect of pregnancy so I may pee myself even when I'm not may want to watch out and not sit by me.

I guess I lied earlier when I said there wasn't anything MAJOR to tell about b/c there is: Waylon has a job. He got a job as a vallet at the airport. He gets plenty of hours and enjoys what he's doing and the pay is good and he occasionally will get tips. It really put me at ease. It was also the job he wanted the most out of all the jobs he was looking into getting. I was happy for him because I know he was feeling bummed about being jobless for almost a month now. I knew God would bring a job along in His time and He did. We are both very thankful.

I'll be 29 weeks this coming Thursday. I can't believe I'm almost in the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy. This feels surreal and crazy at times. Yesterday a girl from my church who just had her third baby, a beautiful little girl, brought the baby in to church. She was beautiful! She had the cutest little round head and she was just so dainty and cute. It totally made me ready to have mine and see what she looks like and get to hold her and feed her and even change her diaper. It always seems glamourous when someone else is doing it of course, but I'm still looking forward to all of that. As is Waylon. I think the closer we get, the more excited he gets. He's going to be a great daddy...I hope! lol. ;) I really do believe he will though. He does great with kids.

One last thing. Friday at the end of the school day, right after the last bell rang and all the kids were leaving, a fight broke out right at my classroom door. It was between two boys and thankfully my door was closed, although they hit it so hard at one point I thought it was going to open. It was appalling seeing the crowd of kids around them that were egging them on and taking video of the fight with their cameras. When the boys had finally begun flinging each other on the wall opposite my door, I opened the door and yelled out "Stop it!! Stop fighting!" which they completely ignored of course but I really didn't know what else to do. There was NO WAY I was going to step foot out there and risk getting hurt. They were being very brutal. I called down to the office and let them know a fight was going on right in front of my class and then a male teacher across the hall from me came out and broke up the fight. I was relieved. It was also rattled up a bit. I've never seen a fight while it was happening and it's never been so close to me.
So glad I'm not expected to break it up....

well, that's about all I got right now. I know I'm probably forgetting something but I'll remember and put it on here. I'll have more pictures soon. I got my hair cut again and it's quite a bit shorter but I LOVE it. I even found out a student of mine copied me. She came in today with the exact same haircut as me and before she had had long hair! I was so honored. It looks really cute on her too. :) I'm such a fashionista! haha...

going to bed...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Here it is in all it's huge belly!!

So I got motivated today and finally sat down and uploaded these pictures. I feel like I look way farther along than 27 weeks. You be the judge. The first pictures were taken on 4/4/09 (white shirt that says Baby Bump) and the second pictures were taken on 4/12 (Easter Sunday). I think you can tell a pretty big difference between the two and that's only a week apart! Sheesh!

These are the 4/4/09 pictures

These are the pictures taken on Easter Sunday - 4/12/09 ---- can you tell a big difference?
I also think the Easter outfit, the shirt in particular, made me look a little bigger b/c my kids commented about it at school the next day also.
Well, here they are - I know you've all been holding your breath to see my belly shots! haha...
have a good weekend,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

27 weeks! 3rd Trimester here I come!

So today was another milestone week for me. I'm very excited to be in my third trimester. I can't believe I'm now in the last stretch of pregnancy. I can tell it's going to be a difficult one. Every day I think I can tell my belly has gotten bigger and I get more uncomfortable. I think I'm one of those women who doesn't do well with pregnancy because I seem to be the only one complaining lately about how miserable I am. I already waddle and I feel like if I bend over at all, I'm just going to topple over because my stomach weighs a ton. I'm definitely starting to have Braxton Hix contractions. I can feel them several times a day and they don't feel good. Brooklyn continues to be a very active baby. If she's big, it's not stopping her from moving around a lot. Today she moved for a good solid hour with only taking a couple of breaks. It was a little unnerving and tiring because it was the hour AFTER I got off work when I was already exhausted. I keep telling myself that school is almost out and then I'll be able to rest all day, as much as I need. I have a countdown on my board in my classroom and we're down to 32 days of class remaining until we're out of school - not counting weekend days. It sounds so close, but still so far...

Last Saturday we went down to the apartment office to speak with the manager about early moving options. Our lease is up June 28th and my due date is July 16. I really didn't want to wait till the end of June to start moving. There's always the chance of me being on bed rest or the baby coming early or me just being so miserable I don't want to get out of bed. So we went down to talk to them about if there was any way we could move into the bigger apartment on the 1st floor before our lease was up. The office manager was very nice. (Turns out she's the godmother of one of my students!) She gave us lots of different options. There was the option to move as early as we wanted and pay a $200 transfer fee plus another deposit plust a pro-rated rent which I totally was willing to do...until she gave us the next option. We could wait until about 10 days before our lease was up and move into the 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment and get the $299 move in special for the first month and NOT have to pay the transfer fee - just wait longer. I was totally fine with that when I saw how much money it was going to save us. We are going to start packing things into boxes here pretty soon so that by the time we do move, Waylon isn't having to pack by himself and move everything by himself. Another thing she told us about that's going to save us money is that there are still some apartments in this complex that haven't gotten the "updates" which include faux granite counter tops, silver faucets and door knobs and updated appliances. Those apartments go for about $90 less than the updated ones. So we get the same amount of space for less. We asked if there was any of these units available for us to look at to make sure it was something we were willing to live in and they did have one and showed it to us. It's totally livable. The counters are just a beige color and the appliances match that color. The door knobs are the plain, bronze knobs and everything else looks just fine. It's just not as "fancy" looking as some of the updated ones but I could care less! It's an aparetment that we will be living in for a very short amount of time compaired to how long we will live in a house once we can buy one. I would rather save that money each month and get to buy a house sooner. So I was excited about getting that taken care of. Now all we do is wait till about 30-40 days before our "move date" and we can put our deposit down so they can hold the next unit that opens up on the 1st floor. This should be in the next couple of weeks. I'm excited. The apartment will have an extra 150 square feet which doesn't sound like a lot but makes a huge difference when you're living in 805 square feet currently. The second bedroom is much bigger and will be better for a nursery and the extra bathroom will be a huge help. I can't wait to be in it.

Speaking of things I can't wait to do...getting a new computer is one of them! I hate mine! It is so crappy!! It's 2 years old and was a cheap laptop when I bought it but I'm really starting to get irritated with it. It constantly loses internet connection and then will just shut off on it's own randomly. In fact, it just did that when I was typing this paragraph. Thankfully, blogspot does and autosave when you're typing a new blog or I would have lost this entire thing and been VERY irritated. I'm going to stop typing now before it does it again and I end up throwing the thing across the room...deep breaths...

pictures of my growing belly coming soon!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

going paper - read it, it will make sense...

Warning: You are about to read about the depths of my laziness (although it was my husband's idea but I agreed to it) so if you don't want to read about that or you are a eco-friendly person, you may not want to read any further.

That being said...

the bigger I get in this pregnancy, the more exhausted I am when I get home. This means that when I walk through the door, my first instinct is NOT to go around tidying up the house, washing dishes, vaccuming, doing laundry...etc. Needless to say, our house has been a bit of a mess lately. As we all know, most men aren't Mr. Clean and don't go around just cleaning out of the pure desire to live in a clean apartment. So after we had the same dirty dishes sitting in our sink long enough for an odor to start coming out of it, Waylon came up with a really good idea: Paper plates and cups; temporarily of course. At first I scoffed at the idea b/c it's my first reaction to think of how ridiculous it is that we have such a hard time keeping our few dishes washed that we have to resort to paper cups and plates so our kitchen will stay clean. The idea is wasteful and lazy and I wanted no part of first...then I warmed up to it. Now I love it. We even got paper bowls for cereal! :) Once we're done eating or drinking something, we just throw it away! It's so awesome. I know this isn't a new idea and there might be a few more wasteful people out there, but I could really get used to this. I do realize that I can't live the rest of our lives using paper plates, cups and bowls, however, for now, while work is kicking my tush and wearing me out and cleaning just sounds horrible to me, this is going to do just great! The other side is that we barely eat at home anyways except for snacking and cereal and the occasional meal at home. I also realize that this really makes me seem wasteful and lazy but the sad truth right now is that I don't even care! lol. I just want the convenience of not having to worry about dishes so frequently.

So now you know what my title was all about. You hear so much about "going paperless" these days and I'm doing just the opposite: going paper. love it!

Now that I'm typing this blog I'm deciding that it can't just be about paper plates. That would be a little boring and you might feel like you had wasted your time and wished you could get the last 5 minutes of your life back. So I will blog a bit about our trip to the dog park today with Rowf. It's edge of your seat excitement, let me tell you.

First of all, I do have to say in Rowf's defense that he doesn't go to the dog park often at all (I think he's only been 2 or 3 times and they were very spread apart) and that he's not around other dogs or a whole variety of people either. That being said, it was embarassing at the park today. There were probably around 20 people in the small dog section with their cute little dogs running around and playing with each other and running up to the other people and just being playful and cute all around. Not Rowf. No. Rowf was immediately scared and his back hair was standing on end. Then he moped around smelling the grass and trees whilst staying as far away as possible from any other dogs or people. If we wanted to locate Rowf, we just had to look where other dogs weren't and there he would be, sniffing a tree or large rock or just wandering around looking like a loser. Waylon was more embarassed than me I think. It was kind of like taking your little boy to play with other little boys and he cries and wants to sit in your lap and play with a doll while the other boys play with rocks and sticks and play fight and do all sorts of very "boy" type things. It really was pitiful. A nice, tiny old lady tried to walk up to him and pet him and he just growled at her and turned away and walked off. I was standing there facing her, embarassed and not knowing what to say. She kind of looked at me like "You dog has issues. My dog is super friendly and would never do that. You should have raised him better." I just turned around and walked off also...just following suit with my dog. I could have growled but that would have looked wierd and they might have thought I had rabies or something. Speaking of which, for the first 15 minutes or so after we got to the park, Rowf had these strings of slobber hanging from both sides of his mouth with he NEVER has. At first we though he had caught rabies but I don't think it would manifest itsself quite that quickly. I think he was just overstimulated with all the different dog smells or something. It was even bother him b/c he was pawing at his face trying to get them to go away. It looked really odd on him. Large dogs like on Turner and Hooch look like they're supposed to have big slobbers hanging from their faces but Rowf just looked like a rabid dog. Yet another thing to be a little embarassed about. I hoped no one was noticing him at all during that time. After realizing that he was not going to socialize with the other dogs at all (besides an occasional butt sniff which he would not allow the other dogs to do on him but wanted to be able to do it to them) we decided it was time to go - we didn't want to continue this humiliating scene. Maybe if we take him more often he will start getting used to it and actually play with the other dogs. I might be too afraid of another day like that though to be willing to go over there. He's just not dog park material. sigh...I hope my child isn't like that when we take her to play grounds and play areas and play dates. I don't want to have the wimpy scared child that everyone secretly is laughing at in their heads and comparing to their kids and how much better their kids are at being cool in public. Of course, if she's as fat as I was, she'll just roll around everywhere and the other kids will think she's cool. lol.

I think she knew I was typing about her because she just started moving up a storm and kicked me really hard! I'm getting to where I can see my stomach move just about every time she moves or kicks. That's been a lot of fun to watch. I can sit and "belly stare" for a long time watching for her movements and poking and prodding her to get her to move. She probably doesn't like that a whole lot but it's very entertaining to me. ;)

It's now 5pm and I need to finish getting ready and head out so I have time to stop and get my vanilla iced coffee from's addicting!