Sunday, November 30, 2008

My pseudo-Thanksgiving post...with an update on other stuff too

Lest you think I'm not thankful because of my lack of a "Thanksgiving post", I actually spent a long time Friday typing one up, even posted a cute picture of Waylon and I after decorating our Christmas tree and then when I clicked on "publish post" it said there was an error and to hit the back button on my computer. So I did that and yea, the whole post was gone! I was so irritated I just decided not do retype it. So now I'm going to do a pseudo-thanksgiving with other stuff post.

Our Thanksgiving did go very well. We went down to Waco to spend the day with Waylon's extended family. We had a great time. There was TONS of food and lots of people too. I did feel sick for a good portion of the day but since we were at a good sized home, I was able to lie down a lot. That helped. It was our first Thanksgiving as a married couple and I really enjoyed it. We spend Wednesday night with my parents for Thanksgiving and just went out to eat. That DIDN'T go so well for me as far as eating went. We went to On the Border and I did fine eating chips and salsa and tortillas. When our plate got there, it was a different story. I took one bite of my cheese quesadilla and my stomach churned and I knew there would be no enjoying that meal. I ate tortillas for the rest of the evening and it was downhill from there. We went back to my parents where I curled up on the couch with some pillows and a blanket and watched a movie on my brother's laptop. I felt a lot better after lying down, but felt really bad for being such a downer at our Thanksgiving time with my family.

I have to say that as far as my pregnancy goes, this week has been the worst in terms of how I have felt physically. I have had nausea for most of the day, everyday and have had to stay in bed a lot. As much as I like sleep, I was really looking forward to this week off to do a little Christmas shopping and buy a few more decorations for my house for Christmas and really get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy Thanksgiving day. While I DID enjoy having this week off, I felt yucky most of the time. I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow. If I had an office job, it would be much easier to face. I could go in, sit at my desk and work at my own pace and not worry about other people. As a teacher, I have to be "on" all day, keeping kids attention and dealing with mis-behavior. I don't see that working out well for me while being nauseous and tired all day. This will be a big test of my fortitude. I suspect I'll be puney and pathetic though, unfortunately. One thing I do know: if they DO try to give me trouble, they're going to be spending a lot of time in the office because I don't have the energy to fight with them right now. It'll just be out with the trouble-makers. One thing I've found to help the nausea is eating. constantly. I'm not used to that so I have been having to scrounge around the house to find things to eat when the nausea sets in. Tonight I went to Walmart with my mom and picked up a lot of food. I got a lot of fruit because that's what's been sounding good to me. I've already eating a plum and an orange. I hope the fruit will fix another problem I have been having lately...that I won't go into detail about. :) (you're welcome) On top of the pregnancy sickness I've also come down with a bad cold. I've had sinus congestions, sneezing, coughing, headache and sore throat. The only thing my doctor will let me take, Sudafed, doesn't seem to do much for me. That has made me feel worse I think than I would have if I had only had the pregnancy symptoms.

Amidst all my sickness, Waylon has come down with the flu. He woke up last night around 3:30am and he had it coming out of both ends. sorry the the TMI...So we're just a pathetic couple of people right now. He's still having issues tonight, though no vomiting. I feel for was horrible sounding last night - like he was being tortured while throwing up. I had never heard anything like it. (not that I've heard tons of people throwing up or anything)

To make all matters "better" we're down to one car right now because Waylon's car broke down last Sunday and we still don't have it fixed. It's supposedly going to cost around $1000 to do so. We're contemplating fixing it or just getting another cheap car. We paid $1500 for the car so I feel like $1000 to fix a car that we only paid $1500 for would be like buying the car all over again. It's frustrating and I don't know what we're going to do about it but we do have some friends who have a truck they aren't using that's in really good condition so I think we're going to use it until we can either get Waylon's car fixed or get another car.

Right now I just want to get through the next three weeks of school and then we have our 2 week Christmas break. I'm REALLY looking forward to that! Hopefully I won't be as sick during that break - that would be nice to be able to enjoy it a little more. I'll be nearing the end of my first trimester (Praise the Lord!!!) and will be looking forward to having more energy and less sickness...and finally seeing my belly grow from the baby and not from the food I'm eating. :)

Well, I'm going to stop here. I need to get ready for bed and prepare myself mentally for tomorrow. yuck.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week of Thanksgiving!!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the calm before the storm

Today I woke up when Waylon was leaving to go to work and decided that no matter how bad I felt, I was going to get some stuff done around the house. It is a mess and it's depressing me to be here in this state. So I got up and puttered around the house for a bit - checking my email and all other online stuff, taking Rowf out to potty, etc - then went to Dunkin Donuts to get me some breakfast. We were out of milk here so cereal was out of the running. I was feeling a bit queezy before leaving to DD's for breakfast but after I got home and ate my sesame bagel w/ chive cream cheese (mmmmm!!! My FAVORITE!!) I was feeling quite good! I decided that while I was feeling this good I would tackle our bedroom and get as much done as quickly as possible before the nausea set in. Thus my title "the calm before the storm" - hoping this calm stays for a while before the next storm of nausea hits.

It was a little overwhelming to start with b/c our clothes (clean and dirty) were strewn about the entire room and I literally had to pick things up and smell them to decide if they needed to be washed or just put up. I know, that's disgusting and such bad house keeping. Unfortunately, my husband and I both have the bad habit of not putting our clothes up after we wear them or after they are washed. Well, I got everything put up or put in a laundry bin and I even vaccumed!! My mom would be proud of that! I never vaccuum. I hate it. So does Rowf. He saw me wheel it out of the closet it stays in and off he ran to hide. He's such a brave dog...

after that, I decided I had to get my fake nails off. I've kept up my nails for quite a few months and have enjoyed having the acrylic nails and having my hands always look nice, but the excitement of that has gone away. I desperately have been wanting them off as they have gotten too long and for some reason they just suddenly annoyed the heck out of me! So I sat down in the bathroom with the trash between my legs and a fingernail clipper and began the painful process of taking them off. Ouch!! It hurt REALLY bad! I got them all off though and my hands are grateful for it! Typing is so much easier and faster! Although my nails now look horrible and scratched and weak, they will grow and soon I won't even be able to tell. Either way, it's a relief to have them off. :)

Now I have to decide which room to clean next. I'm still not feeling nauseaus so I want to continue cleaning until I absolutely cannot do it anymore. I think I'll do the kitchen first because for some reason, if the kitchen is messy, the whole house feels messy. Plus, it's easy, I just put everything into the dish washer!! After that I'll probably clean the living room then my office. This saturday I'm having my Mary Kay Holiday Open House. I sent out invitation post cards to it this past weekend and am hoping my customers will be calling to set up shopping appointments. What I'm doing is basically opening my house as a Mary Kay store and letting all my customers come during their own scheduled shopping appointment and have hassle free Christmas shopping. I'll have all the newest products on display for everyone to see and try and I offer free gift wrapping and delivery. They also get to use any Christmas bucks they earned from previous purchases (they earn 1 for every $10 they spend with me throughout the year). Some women have like 40 Christmas bucks!! I hope they come so they can spend it! I'm also a little worried that no one will come. Since it is the Saturday after Thanksgiving and the weekend of black Friday I have a feeling they will all be shopping elsewhere. I may have to pick a different weekend to do this next year. We'll see how it goes. This is part of the reason why I HAVE to get my house cleaned too.

Last night I got completely caught up with Heroes and I even watched an episode of Chuck. I think I'll have to get the first season on DVD of Chuck and watch that, it's very funny and cute. I have to really be careful because I get so addicted to television shows. I would rather sit and watch several episodes of a TV show than a movie. I think TV shows are getting better than the movies being produced these days. The plots are more interesting, the characters are better, the acting is great. In fact, I was thinking after seeing the movie Twilight, they should have made it a TV series instead of a movie. I know they probably make WAY more money as a movie, but the TV series would have been better, more involved and would have been able to include every aspect of the book in it. I would have really enjoyed the series. They could even make it a miniseries for each book and not have to run it for an entire season. They could also market it so that you had to buy it or something or rent only and not show it on TV so they could make more money. I don't know, it just seemed like they could have done more with it. I guess I'm just biased to TV shows. I love them! Right now, the shows I make sure to keep up with are Grey's Anatomy, the Office and now Heroes since I've watched all episodes online. I missed the beginning of Prison Break so I'm going to have to wait for it to come out on DVD to watch it b/c their website only has the 3 most recent episdoes available for viewing so I can't watch it from the beginning. That's my other favorite show that I've watched in the past.

I did get some bad news today. On Sunday, Waylon's car broke down on the way to a shooting range so he had it towed to a nearby shop and they looked at it yesterday and called him today. The problem is a blown head gasket which apparently will cost anywhere from $800-$1000. We don't have this kind of money laying around obviously so I don't know what we're going to do. He is going to be using my car this week since I'm out of school and next week he will have to take me to work first then go to his work. Thankfully they just changed his hours to where he goes in at 9 so he will be able to take me to work first and make it to his work in time. He also gets off work before me so he will be able to pick me up when I'm done with school. I know lots of people survive with only one vehicle and we can do it for a while at least, it's just hard after you've gotten used to having two cars and being able to go do whatever with your car and not having to think about it. Now we will have to plan everything out for the use of our car. So far financially we've been getting by just fine, God has been making our money stretch in ways I didn't know it could. We haven't gone without anything we have needed and have had things above and beyond what we need. I know he will get us through this also. Waylon's car isn't worth the $1000 it would take to repair it but we also don't have any extra money sitting around right now. We would have to save up just to get another $1600 car which is what Waylon paid for the car he has now. I know something will work out, we just have to pray and look for God to open a door or provide for us like He always does.

Well, I better get back to housekeeping before I get to feeling sick again. Thanks for reading and I hope all are having a great week of pre-thanksgiving planning!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

nausea and other cool things about my pregnancy

So now that I'm passed six weeks, I'm starting to feel the real effects of pregnancy. For the past three days I've had a pretty much constant stream of nausea. Friday got bad enough at school to where I had to finally sit at my desk and ask the kids to come to me to have me initial their work. Yesterday, I had it pretty bad in the morning (no throwing up though) and then off and on for the rest of the day. Today has been the worst by far. This morning was pretty bad getting up and ready for church, then at church when we were practicing our music I was pretty nauseous and couldn't sing without getting out of breath and needing to stop singing. By the time church started though it had gotten a lot better and I was able to sing through the entire service. I still felt pretty nauseaus though and it never fully went away. We had our church Thanksgiving meal tonight so I decided to make green bean casserole and stuffing for it. In order to make that, I needed to make a trip to Walmart, which required a call to my mom to go with me since Waylon was going to the shooting range this afternoon with the guys. Off we went to Walmart and got that trip done pretty quick without me up-chucking. I was very thankful for my mom being willing to come over and take me. Thanks mom!! For the rest of the afternoon until about 5, I laid on the couch and watched new episodes of Heroes on Netflix through our XBOX 360 which was pretty cool. I hadn't watched ANY of this new season and on our Netflix we have the option to watch instantly from our queue. I would be watching it now but Waylon invited my brother and my cousin Paul over to watch a movie through our Netflix so I'm kicked off it for now. I'm still feeling nauseaus though...ugh. There are a couple of other negative symptoms my pregnancy is bringing on that I won't go into detail over except to say that one is very painful everytime I have to go to the bathroom and the other is in my upper half of my body and it's something that I'm afraid will keep being sore and hurting for a while until after I have the baby even. These are not pleasant and I'm not thrilled about them. My mom keeps telling me to relish all this though because the end result is something I will never regret going through this for. I agree with her completely, it's just hard to relish nausea but I will try to do it in the best spirit I can!

Our church Thanksgiving meal went really well tonight. There was SO MUCH FOOD!!! That's something our church is really good at proving - no one will ever go hungry. One part I enjoyed a lot was talking to to of the younger girls in our church who are also pregnant right now. One is a new girl who has begun coming since our door hangers have gone out in the past month. Her, her husband and daughter have started coming to our church and have been a nice addition to the church family. She's due with her second little girl on December 3rd - so she's really close. The other girl pregnant is one of our members, Crystal and she is due in April. Then there's me, due in July. So we have three different phases of pregnancy represented in our church. The three of us sat at a table after eating and talked about pregnancy and marriage. They of course, had much more to say about pregnancy having both had kids already. I listened intently of course enjoying all the stories! It was nice to have someone to talk to who really does relate to you directly about everything you are going through! I know my family is so excited for me but at the same time I don't want to kill them with pregnancy talk so it's nice to have some preggo's around to talk to. I also have two cousins who are pregnant right now as well: Lydia and Grace and we talk through our blogs and myspace and email since neither of them live around me. I feel good having so many pregnant women in my life to be able to go to with any questions and concerns and stuff. It's really comforting for me. I'd love for my sister to be pregnant too!! I think she might like that too. :)

I did something yesterday that I never thought I would enjoy, until I got married. I went and saw a movie at the theatre ALONE! lol. I know it probably doesn't sound like that big of a deal. Used to when I would see people at theatres alone (back when I was single) I found it so depressing. I wondered why anyone would ever want to do that. After yesterday, I think it's going to be something I do every once in a while, especially with movies I know Waylon won't want to see, like Twilight, which is what I saw yesterday at 11:50 am after going to have lunch at Waylon's work. I've read the entire Twilight series and loved it so I was really excited about seeing the movie. I knew Waylon wouldn't want to see it and I didn't know anyone else my age who had read the series and wanted to see the movie so I decided since I was over at his work which is near a cheap theatre I would stop by and see if there were any showings around that time. It just so happened that a showing had just started and I didn't miss even a minute of the movie itsself. It was a very enjoyable experience and I was able to enjoy the movie without worrying if Waylon was enjoying it or not. That's one thing we don't always agree on, which movie to go see. He is pretty picky about movies and I'm much easier to please when it comes to that. If a movie is entertaining, that's all I care about. Waylon likes it to be realistic and have a deep plot and all that. I mean, I'm not saying I don't enjoy well made movies, I do; I just don't discard a movie entirely if it didn't come together in every aspect, and Waylon does. lol. He's quite the movie critic. :)

I think I'm going to stop here because my right arm is starting to get tired. I'm going to try to keep up with my blog more often than I have. I've just been feeling so tired all the time that I haven't wanted to expend the mental and physical energy to write a worthwhile blog. lol. I'm sorry! Thank you for reading and sticking around for me. I hope to keep up with many of my new experiences as a preggo!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my little bean!

So I went in for the ultra-sound today at noon. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be because I had some other "pressing" issues on my the fact that I had just drank 25 ounces of water in less than an hour (they asked me to drink 32 and I just couldn't make it) and I had to pee like a racehorse!! That's all I could think about! I was squirming around in my seat trying to find a position that didn't put as much pressure on my bladder but that was to no avail. When I finally got in to see the ultra sound tech, it wasn't any better - he was pressing down so hard with the little ultra sound thing that I thought I would just pee right on him! lol. But he said everything looks the way it should. Baby Perrymam (my little bean) is just a tiny little thing inside a dark spot that could be seen on the ultra sound. I have pictures to show of course and I'm so proud of my little "dark spot" on the screen! lol Here he/she is!!

My baby is that dark round circle - everything around it is my uterus and the big dark area right above it is my very full bladder!

Here is a picture at a different distance. What a perfect little embryonic sac! lol. You can't even see the embryo because it's so early. They said I'll have another ultra-sound done in a couple of months and I'm really looking forward to that one because there will be a lot more to see!

After the doctor's office we went to lunch with my parents, did some laundry over there, went to Walmart for a few items then came home where I crashed. I was exhausted! I think the stress and worry I was feeling last night coupled with just the physical tiredness you get with pregnancy all came down on me at once. All I wanted was my bed...and Rowf curled up next to me. It was perfect.

Now I'm going to actually cook dinner, something I haven't done in probably well over a month, or more. I'm using the recipe of a friend from work and I'm really excited about it. We're having baked Salmon with baja chipotle marinade, parmesan couscous and a vegetable...haven't decided which, probably something canned. Now that cheerleading has slowed down I feel like I may have the desire to cook more and I need some extra healthy meals to consume!

well, for now, that's all I'm going to write. I think the fish is done thawing so I'm going to go check on that. Thanks for all the prayers, I really do appreciate them. I thank God who was watching over me and is always in control no matter how out of control I feel. We always lose sight of what He has done for us and what He will do for us when we put our faith in Him.

Good night!


Monday, November 17, 2008


I went to my doctor today. I don't even want to talk about it right now b/c I'm so frustrated with them. They did not make a good first impression at all. Tomorrow I have to go back to have an ultrasound but I don't know what time yet - I have to call at 9am. It's a long story that I don't have the stamina to re-tell right now. I will be in a better mood tomorrow after the ultrasound and a chance to talk to the doctor herself and not a medical assistant or whatever it was that I dealt with today. I don't think she thought through her voicemail that she left on my phone which left me stressed and worried all night. I've been praying constantly for God to take the worry out of me and for me to put my trust in him that everything is going to be just fine tomorrow. It's not very easy when you're dealing with incompetent people. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to go in to work tomorrow or not. I may be worthless with worry until I get to go in to the doctor. We'll see...I'll definitely update you tomorrow, hopefully with very positive, good news.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yes, I'm pregnant

As you can see at the top of my new page, I am pregnant...5 weeks to be exact. My old blog site would not allow me to post a baby ticker that shows the progress of my baby so I switched sites. I'm still trying to figure out how to import blogs onto here though so that might take some time. Waylon and I are very excited about this new bundle of joy that will be joining us in just 9 months. I could not believe it when I saw the two lines on the pregnancy test! We had only been trying for about a month and a half! It's such a surreal feeling when you find out for the first time as I'm sure the experienced moms out there already know. I started freaking out! Of course, I found out while Waylon was at work so Rowf was the only one there to celebrate with me. He was a good companion though as he gets excited about anything. I will be posting more later but right now I'm going to rest from blogging a bit as I have been working on this all morning trying to figure out how to import my old blog and have not been able to yet. Thank you for reading and I look forward to keeping a regular blog on here!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

the longest week of my life...

I was so thankful at 3:48pm today -- you can't even imagine. That's the time my last class period of the day lets out and it means I'm done till 8:30am Monday morning. I don't know if it's the fact that it was holloween week or what but the kids were crazy this week...and I'm not over-reacting about this at all! Today, for the first time in my teaching career, I saw one of my female students go completely nuts. I mean, she lost it, and to make it worse, it was at an administrator. I felt bad because it was about me - I wrote her up yesterday for refusing to do her work in class - but the administrator took it all in stride because she's used to being cussed at. See...that's so not me. I would not have sat there taking it with a smile on my face like she did. Anyways...let's just say that wasn't the only thing that made me want this week to be over with. Next week can only be better...I keep telling myself that.
and so I look forward to tomorrow...
Tomorrow I get to go to a spa with the "girls" and get a massage, facial, and pedicure!!! How cool is that?!?! I'm sooooo looking forward to the relaxation and special treatment. I never get pampered like this so I'm really counting on it bringing me lots of relief. That's at five. Earlier in the morning I have a coffee-Mary Kay - baby gift-giving - date with a friend I haven't seen in a very long time. I'm really looking forward to that. It will be a day for me to do some stuff I enjoy, with nothing demanding or requiring my attention. Hard to imagine...I know.
I don't know who all is with me on this but I'm SUPER psyched that Halloween is over and we are moving on to Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! This is my absolute FAVORITE time of year and I'm really looking forward to our first holidays as a married couple together. I really want to start some personal family traditions for the holidays that we can pass on to our kids and our grandkids. I'm not creative though so that might be a challenge and something tells me Waylon won't be a huge help in that department...Any ideas from my readers? I'm open to suggestions. ;-) I love the crisp air, the smell of holiday candles, fire-place smoke in the air outside, shivering in the car early in the mornings when I first get in (and therefore making me look even MORE forward to the coffee I will stop and get on my way to work) and all the other little things that become part of your life this time around. I love Christmas music and really want to find some great Christmas CDs to have playing my apartment at all times during December. I love setting the mood for Christmas. I'm also having my very first "dinner party" - only two of the guests don't even know about it yet. I should probably get on that. I'm going all out for it too...little Christmas gifts for everyone, decorations, cooking, baking...the whole nine yards. It's going to be so fun!
November is also my month for my Mary Kay "Holiday Open House" where I will be opening up my home as a gift shop for all my clients to come and do some personalized shopping with free refreshments, free gift-wrapping and free delivery AND at the same time, being able to avoid the crowds as it is by appointment only with no more than two people at a time so I can give them the best service and so they can relax without worrying that someone is waiting for them. I'll be having that on November 29th and hopefully be having all my clients show up to that. I will be putting a lot of effort into the decorations and hopefully my apartment will look like a winter-wonderland that day!
Another MK project going on in my unit this Christmas is our adopt-a-grandparent program. We pick a retirement home and go out getting businesses or groups of people or even just individual clients to sponsor a grandparent for $20. We give them a nicely wrapped gift with a little card on it saying who it's from, we deliver it to them, and we have banners that also will show everyone who provided a gift. If any of my readers are interested in this, please let me know and I can give you more details. It's a very self-less thing to do this Christmas for a small amount of money that will be making several people's day. For some, sadly, this will be the only gift they receive this Christmas. I hate to think about that.
I'm excited to see what this holiday season will be bringing. We do know that we will be going to Waco to spend Thanksgiving with Waylon's side of the family. I'm looking forward to that because it is always a good time with them. Hopefully Waylon can get more than just Thanksgiving off from his work...otherwise it will be a very short trip. I'll have the whole week off which will be nice. I need a break from school. I really feel like I'm getting burnt out. Next week is our last football game so I am going to be getting a little release from my crazy schedule, which will rock.
Well folks, I've now yawned about 7 times which tells me I've got to hit the sack. Check out the updates made to my page about books I've read and am reading. I'll have a little info on the Twilight series I just finished.
hasta luego,