FPU Class

Waylon and I have begun are on our last 2 weeks of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class at a local church in our area. We are very excited about the 13 week course! We've heard amazing things about it and have met people with amazing testimonies on how they paid off a ton of debt using Dave's plan. Our group's leader and her husband have paid off $93,000 in debt since their first class of FPU in 2007!! That's amazing! We don't have that much debt so we should be able to pay all of ours off in less than a year if we really dedicate ourselves to it.

I totalled up our debts that we owe and it's just under $38,000. It was a scary number to look at, I'm not going to lie! Thankfully, we now have a plan and Waylon has a very good paying job to get us jump started in our debt snowball. Once we get going with that, we should have some of our little "piddly" debts out of the way before I go back to work in August. That will be such a relief to just have the big ones left. Then we can start seeing some real progress in our bigger chunks of debt like the car, student loans and my credit cards.

Waylon's first few paychecks have had to go towards getting the A/C in the van fixed and paying his tickets, but now that those are out of the way, we can start putting it straight to the debts.

I'll admit that seeing this much money coming in now (it's not a ton but for us, it's a LOT more than normal!) it's been very difficult to control my spending urges. We have bought some stuff that we probably could have lived without, but I think I got the spending bug out of my system now and I can move on! I also did some extra catering work that paid for all of that extra spending of mine. Plus it was summer clothes that I actually needed sinced none of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit me anymore. I would be wearing old basketball shorts and sweat pants out in the hot Texas summer if it wasn't for the clothes I bought ON SALE recently. There, I just felt the need to justify my spending. I don't feel guilty about it at all...ahem...not even a little big...cough, cough..