Friday, April 17, 2009

Here it is in all it's huge belly!!

So I got motivated today and finally sat down and uploaded these pictures. I feel like I look way farther along than 27 weeks. You be the judge. The first pictures were taken on 4/4/09 (white shirt that says Baby Bump) and the second pictures were taken on 4/12 (Easter Sunday). I think you can tell a pretty big difference between the two and that's only a week apart! Sheesh!

These are the 4/4/09 pictures

These are the pictures taken on Easter Sunday - 4/12/09 ---- can you tell a big difference?
I also think the Easter outfit, the shirt in particular, made me look a little bigger b/c my kids commented about it at school the next day also.
Well, here they are - I know you've all been holding your breath to see my belly shots! haha...
have a good weekend,

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Melissa@MamaMonoblogs said...

I do think in your Easter pics you look bigger. But it also could be the top, like you said. I do think you look big for 27 weeks.
I LOVE that top!! I want it!!