Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fun with colors

Someone slap me. She is too cute to be real. Seriously. I just can't get over this much cuteness in one place! This is one of the last things Brooklyn did at our Christmas celebration on Tuesday with Waylon's cousins. We call them "The Miller Clan" and we always have a great time with them. They are all like brothers and sisters to Waylon and his aunt and uncle are second parents to Waylon as well. 

What a cute smile!!

At first she was a little confused as to what she was supposed to do.

We had a great time and are looking forward to spending Christmas Day with my Grandma and Grandpa Ross and then Sunday we will have the Woolbright Christmas. We also had an amazing Christmas outreach at our church called "A Day in Bethlehem". We had a petting zoo, lots of crafts, free family photos and lots of visitors! It was great! Our church members really did an awesome job coming together to make this happen. Thank you members of GracePointe Baptist church! We may be few but we are mighty with God's hand!


Betsy said...

She is too cute!! I mean, really... the cheeks!

Russell said...

Too cute! Did she actually try to play with the balls?

Russell said...

P.s. this is mom on Dad's computer!

Melissa@ Simply Mel said...

So cute! She's so smiley and sweet. You guys have a great Christmas! Brooklyn's first one!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Betsy! I would bite her cheeks if it wouldn't hurt her...but I refrain!

Mom, she did pick up a few and try to put them in her mouth. She wasn't sure what to do in there for a while but then everyone was looking at her and smiling so she enjoyed that part. lol