Monday, December 27, 2010

This girl...

Makes me happy.
Loves M&M's.
Loves her rocking chair.
Makes messes constantly.
Is going to be an amazing big sister.
Loves to dance when any type if music is on.
Is a mommy's girl AND a daddy's girl.
Gives the best kisses in the world.

Will always be my baby girl no matter how many more beautiful children I have.

I love you Brooklyn Alivia Perryman!
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Aileen said...

She looks so mischivious in this picture! I love her to pieces! She makes me smile just looking at her.

Simply Mel said...

Haha! Love this picture. Is that chocolate on her face or overzealous red-eye removal? I know If I remove red eye from a place other than the eye other body parts turn a bluish black color-lol.