Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Living in a bipolar state (NOT state of mind!).

No, I'm not talking about myself. I'm not bipolar. But the state I live in is. Texas is well known for having bipolar weather. Hot for a few days, then freezing temps for a day or two and then back in the 70's. That's just the way things go around here.

You would never guess that this picture was taken two days before we had below freezing temps and 4 days of roads covered in ice and snow, would you? (By the way, isn't she just the cutest little spring chick you've ever seen??)

Yes, I live in Texas, and it's bipolar. The weather changes drastically on a regular basis, especially during the winter/spring months. Unfortunately, we never have drastic changes in our weather over the summer. It's very consistent then with temps over a 100 for several days, sometimes weeks! 

But I wouldn't live anywhere else to be quite honest. I love my bipolar state. 

After spending 4 days out of work last week due to the weather, it looks like we just might get another snow day or two this week as well. Tonight we are expected to have freezing rain and snow through the afternoon tomorrow. The temps won't get up past freezing until Friday so that means anything that falls tonight and tomorrow will still be around Thursday, making all roads very dangerous for driving on. I'm not counting on the day off tomorrow so I will still go to bed at a decent hour, just in case. But I sure am hoping!

Counting this week I only have 5 weeks till I go on maternity leave. 5 WEEKS!!! I can't believe it's this close already. Wow. I will still have a month of maternity leave before Layla arrives (assuming she waits till my scheduled c-section) but I'm very much looking forward to my maternity leave. Yes, I am.

This week, assuming the weather doesn't screw it up again, I will have my 1 hour glucose test. That appointment was cancelled last week because it was on one of the days that we had bad weather. I also had Brooklyn's 18 month appointment scheduled for the same day and yes, that one was cancelled as well. Now I have them both back on Friday and am hoping we won't have to reschedule anything! I'm ready to get this glucose test out of the way!

Here's hoping I get a call at 6am tomorrow telling me my school is closed due to inclement weather!


Jenn R.S. said...

I miss the bipolar state, I miss the bipolar winter...here in Italy I actually experience all 4 seasons which can be nice, but I HATE the winter!! Good luck on both your appointments for Friday! :)

Aileen said...

I hadn't thought of Texas being bipolar in the winter, but I have to agree with you!. I love the picture of close of Brooklyn....what a cute smile and it shows all her teeth:) Cute, cute.