Thursday, January 22, 2009

Florida trip and other stuff

I've been back from Florida for two whole days now and I really just want to go back. It was so nice being away from all my work stress and responsabilities and adult life. It was awesome. First of all, the Animal Kingdom Lodge was AMAZING!! It was beautiful and had awesome scenery from our balcony (a savannah with real animals like girraffes and antelopes and such). I'll have pictures of that to post soon hopefully. They're all on Waylon's camera. Secondly, the Disney resorts provide you free bus transportation to anywhere within Disney World which is much bigger than most people would imagine. We didn't have to worry about our transportation anywhere, it was so relaxing. When we would take a bus to a theme park it would drop us off right at the entrance, no need to walk fifty miles from your car just to get in the park. We basically hit two parks per day. Saturday we started with Magic Kingdom and then went to Epcot for the second half of the day. Sunday we started at Holleywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios) and there wasn't much there to do. The cheerleaders had their performance at Downtown Disney at 3:30 but we had to meet to get our bus and warm up at 1:45. The performance went well and after that was over we had the rest of the day for free time. Waylon and I then went to Animal Kingdom. That was one park I had never been to. It was very pretty and had some good attractions. We didn't get to go on the safari though which I was disappointed at. On Monday was Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Day. Of all the days, this was the least fun for me. There was hardly anything I was able to ride at either park and Waylon and I were at odds off and on throughout the day. I was glad for that day to be over with. We ended Monday night at Sleuth's Mystery Dinner which was very fun. It was a murder mystery dinner and the actors were all very funny and entertaining and the food was great too. I had really good strawberry shortcake for dessert. Tuesday we only had half a day to do what we wanted and our bus left for the aiport at 1:05. Waylon and I decided to go to Epcot to get more pictures. We ended up regretting it a bit because that happened to be the coldest day of our entire trip and also the only day I decided to wear flip flops and a flimsy hoody. The reason I wore the flip flops was because after taking my shower I stepped out onto the balcony to check the weather and it didn't feel cold at all, just a little chilly. Of course I didn't take into consideration that I had just take a hot shower and dried my hair so I was already hot and that after I cooled off, the outside temp would probably feel much colder. Also, the position of the building had it so that the wind was blocked so I didn't realize how extremely windy the day was also. If it had been completely up to me we would have turned around at the bus station and headed back into the hotel and just hung out for a couple of hours. However, since this was Waylon's first time to Florida and to Disney I didn't want to deprive him of any time at the parks. I think we ended up getting some good pictures. After that it was off to the airport where everything went smoothly and we boarded our plane and had a very safe, uneventful flight back home. I was very depressed to have to go back to school on Wednesday (which ended up being an extremely stressful day due to grades being due). Overall it was a great trip even though I have never felt more exhausted at the end of each day. Being pregnant and walking that much everyday was very taxing. I did really well though considering how out of shape I am on top of being pregnant. I behaved and didn't ride any roller coasters except one which the girl who worked their assured me it was a kiddy coaster and wasn't jerky at all and I would be totally fine riding it. She was lying. It was pretty jerky and I was pretty upset afterwards that I had ridden it. It was really hard to exert self control and not ride all the rides I love. I'm a thrill ride person so that was soooooooooooo difficult!

I'm now in Galveston, TX for the cheerleaders national championship. We drove down in a bus yesterday and got here around 10ish. We're staying in the Moody Gardens hotel/resort and that's where the competition is as well. It's a nice hotel but I miss my husband. Our girls compete this afternoon at 2:30 and then tomorrow again at 2:40. They have been the national champs two years in a row and are hoping to win it again this year. I think they have a good chance at getting it. I'll be ready for the trips to be over with once I get back from here. I'm just worn out and have felt very dazed and discombobulated since coming back from Florida.

I actually wrote the first big paragraph of this blog Thursday night in bed and then fell asleep and never got to finish it so I'm finishing it up here two days later on the other sponsor's computer. I'm pretty sure I had some other things to write about but can't remember what they were. My brain is fried!!

In just over a week, on February 3rd, I'll be going to get my next ultra sound to find out the sex of my baby. I'm really excited about it. My belly is growin every day. I can tell a difference now every couple of days. It feels funny having my stomach growing like this. I know how people with beer bellys feel now! lol.

Well, I need to go take my shower so I'm ready to meet for lunch at noon. Just wanted to go ahead and post this so I didn't forget.

ta ta!!



Aileen said...

I'm ready for you to be done with your traveling. You've had anough fun now to last a year. We'll miss you again at church tomorrow!

Melissa@MamaMonoblogs said...

I left you some bloggy love on my blog.
I haven't actually read this whole thing yet so I will tomorrow. I'm super tired right now adn just want to go to bed!

Lydia said...

I can't believe how much traveling you have to do as a cheerleading sponsor! Do you have many more trips between now and the end of school?
Good luck next week with your ultrasound! I can't wait to hear what you're having and see any pics they're able to get!

Stef and Jared said...

im glad you are back