Thursday, January 8, 2009

My week of headaches...and good news

So tonight has been the first night that I have felt good enough to sit and write a post. Every night this week I have suffered from a bad to severe headache. Monday night it was really more like a migraine. I don't know what the deal is or why I'm getting them everyday besides to just blame the pregnancy. My sister suffered with headaches and migraines during her pregnancies also...I guess it's a genetic thing! ugh!! Anyways, tonight I have a very mild headache so I decided to get on here and write a little since I had my 3rd visit to the doctor on Tuesday.

I had to pee in a cup again (I guess this is something I will be doing every time I go in) and the nurse came in and asked a few questions like how have I been feeling, am I taking my prenatals and all that good stuff. Then she said the doctor would be in to see me in a couple of minutes. HA!! I'm pretty sure it was close to a half hour later before she made it to our room. So I read my book and Waylon played Sudoku while we waited for the Doctor to finally come see us. I don't understand why they schedule so many people to come in at once! It doesn't make sense! Anyways, she checked the heartbeat again and it was very strong and Waylon got to hear it for the first time. It was amazing to hear that little "whoosh, whoosh" sound again. It's such a great reminder for me that a little baby actually is in my belly growing even though I can't feel it yet. I can't wait to feel it move, it's driving me crazy! I also found out that at my next appointment, February 3rd, they are going to do another ultra sound to see what the baby is! I was so excited!! She had told me before that she would check around 17 weeks, which is what I'll be at the point but hearing her say it was at my next appointment really got me excited! Now I just hope the baby cooperates and doesn't move around too much to where we can't tell. I'm trying to not get my hopes up too much so I won't be extremely disappointed if that happens but it's really hard not to. She did clear me to go on my trip to Florida next weekend with the cheerleaders, which relieved me, but she did say that I couldn't ride any of the "fun" rides, which was disappointing. I knew that was coming but I had hoped that maybe she would say I was early enough to where I might be able to ride some milder rides. Oh well, it's for a good cause and I'll still enjoy watching Waylon enjoy himself.

I'm have a serious case of covetousness lately with two of my friends having their babies! I get so excited hearing about it and imagining how awesome it is for them to get to meet the little person growning inside them and then I get extremely envious and start wishing it was me! It feels so far away when you're seeing other people have their babies but they went through everything I'm going through so I do not begrudge them this in the least...but I still jealous!!

On a non-pregnancy topic (I know, MIRACLE!), I've had a rather frustrating past couple of days at school with my students. We had a review presentation project that they started and presented this week and the outcomes were, for the most part, very disappointing. I feel like I went over and over and clarified as much as I could to them as to what exactly they were to do but only a fourth of the groups who presented actually did what the project called for. This project counts for two grades and some of these students are right on the line of passing or failing. Next week is the last week of the first semester and will determine if these students will have to retake the 1st semester of Spanish 1 or not....I really want them all to pass!!! I don't enjoy having students two years in a row, it feels like such an unneccessary waste of their time and mine! ugh! anyways, I won't vent anymore about that, it was just frustrating to see the product of several days of class work time that was obviously wasted. bleh. Tomorrow is "fiesta day" where all the classes will have their semester party. They sign up and bring food and we just hang out, eat, play games, watch movies and basically have fun. I'll be having this every class period tomorrow. I think I'll probably be sick by the end of the day with all the food I'll be snacking on all day. I'm not even taking a lunch! I'm really thankful for tomorrow. I'm also looking forward to next Friday as we leave for Florida! I have been there in forever. I found out today at cheer practice that I will be announcing some of our squads and saying some stuff about them and what they have achieved into a microphone in front of hundreds, maybe thousands of people at Disney World! How nerv-wracking is that??!?!? I started stuttering when she told me that. seriously. I wasn't expecting to have to do anything like that. I really thought my only job on this trip was to chaperone the girls and have fun. They will be giving me a script and you better believe that I will be reading that thing over and over again from the time I get it until I have to read it in front of people. There's no way I'm messing up!!

Well, I'm going to stop here. I had several good thoughts today as to what to write in my blog and now I can't remember any of them! It's frustrating because I want my blog to be all interesting and funny but when I sit down to write sometimes I can't think of anything to write about besides pregnancy! erg! Well I'm sorry if it bores you sometimes and I'm very thankful to all of you who faithfully read it (mom...oh and Melissa, my sister and Lydia my

Have a great weekend everyone and drive safe!



Lydia said...

I'm sorry about the headaches! I have them occasionally and they definitely aren't fun, but it sounds like you're dealing with them much more than I am. I guess you are taking tylenol to try and help them? I know Grace has had one or two migraines with this pregnancy too.
Unfortunately you will have to pee in a cup at every appointment. It's so fun, really! :) Towards the end they'll probably be telling you, that you aren't drinking enough water. Atleast, they always told me that last pregnancy.
Hearing the heartbeat is so awesome! I'm glad Waylon got to hear it with you. You could potentially start feeling the baby move in 3 weeks or so. That's how it has been with both my pregnancies. Right around 16 weeks, I felt both of them move. Garrett's first movement was much more noticeable than this one's was. I think he did a back flip or something. :)
I'm so excited that you'll possibly find out the gender on the 3rd! Mine's on the 2nd! :) That's so funny that we'll get our ultrasounds that close. I'm just happy my doctor didn't make me wait another month like I thought he was going to. And, fyi, we weren't able to tell at our first ultrasound with Garrett that he was a boy. So unfortunately it does happen. I hope it doesn't happen to you (or me again!). I remember the disappointed feeling well.
Ahh, the difference between the first-time pregnant mom and the second-time pregnant mom. I am in no hurry whatsoever for June to get here. I can still remember those first few weeks (months) after Garrett was born. Much harder than I was anticipating. I hope they won't be for you though. I'm not looking forward to it for myself. I'm sure it will be different for you since you'll have your mom close by. It's VERY hard doing it without any parents around to help out.
I'm sorry about the stuff with your students and the project. I hope all of that works out!
Can't wait till February for both of us!

Betsy said...

I really have two comments...

First, I want to let you know that I, too, am a devout reader of your blog. My work day sucks right now and I know that your posts will always bring a smile! They are a highlight to my day! :)

Second, I didn't have to pee in a cup at my OB appointments. I had to bring my pee with me. Yes. That's right. They gave me little tubie things for me pre-pee in. I was supposed to pee in it first thing in the morning. Then-- it gets better-- I got to carry it around with me all day until my appointment hoping that it didn't break open in my bag (I couldn't leave it in my car-- it had to be room temp). SOOOO glad that's over with! And soooo sorry about the head aches. :(

Oh, and we couldn't tell with Nora what we were having. Not because she moved around too much but because she refused to move at all!! She crossed her legs and wouldn't budge no matter how much the dr prodded her!! I hope you are able to find out, though! It's so exciting!

I guess that was 3 things. I meant to keep this comment pithy but it just didn't happen. Sorry!

Stef and Jared said...

headaches suck!!!!!! i hope you get to feeling better so you can enjoy your trip to FLORIDA!!!!! Im so excited for you guys! Its going to be a blast! love ya!

Aileen said...

I'm glad your headaches are better! Hopefully this will have been your worst week with them. You and Melissa have really had a tendancy to having them in your pregnancy! I don't remember having them, but it's been so long ago I've forgotten alot of stuff already. It's going to be exciting finding out what you're having. It looks like you and Lydia will find out really close together. It will be amazing if your both have the same gender!

Guess Family said...

About a 1/2 hour to an hour before your appointment on the 3rd, drink something sugary (orange juice worked for me). Quinton was bouncing all over the place and we could clearly tell he was a boy.

Melissa@MamaMonoblogs said...

Did you talk with your doc about the headaches? Oh and before I forget, make sure you drink lots of water on Fiesta day and try not to eat too much junk b/c you WILL feel it by the end of the day. Being pregnant will make it worse and you will hate yourself if you don't take care. I can't wait to find out what you're having! I don't have any real advice on that b/c I didn't really have trouble with K and M. The first pregnancy always feels like it takes forever for everything. But when the day comes you will be blown away. You'll never forget your first baby's birth. Just enjoy every day(as much as you can) and record details as much as possible. Oh, as far as I know, the peeing in the cup is to check your sugar levels. At least that's what I always thought. And I did have to pee in a cup every time. Wait until you have your glucose test. Hopefully you'll past the first one and not have to have a second one. The drink is DISGISTINGLY sweet.
Anywho, looking forward to hearing about the gender.