Sunday, June 21, 2009

Time for a new post

I've been pondering whether or not to write a new post before my appointment Thursday and have finally come to the decision to take the plunge. I'm not sure why I've felt hesitant to write a new blog lately. I think b/c I want to post pictures but with all the move and stuff I haven't had time to take any new ones and then when I do take the pictures, I'm not sure where my stuff to upload the pictures is. frustrating. So you guys will simply have to visualize in your minds what my house looks like as I explain everything we did. Hopefully soon I'll find all my stuff and be able to take some pictures to show you all the new changes and how it looks finished. 

First I'll list off all the things we did to improve:

- painted all the walls: the living room, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom are a nice grey color (I know it doesn't really sound like it would look good but it really does) and the nursery and office are a light creamy beige called "almond paste"

- we laid vinyl flooring down in the living room and hallways that looks like stone and matches the grey on the walls and laid vinyl flooring in our room that looks like wood. The bedroom wasn't originally part of the plan in putting new flooring down, however, the hot water heater decided to leak through the wall and into the master bedroom. The carpet was soaked and started stinking. Since it wasn't very clean and we couldn't get it dry after 2 days, my dad decided to go ahead and pull that carpet up and lay down new flooring in there as well. The guys were speed demons with that room! They got it all laid in less than two hours! It looks great now.

So those are the big "improvements" we have made and it truly has made the house look completely different than it did before. Wednesday was our first night to sleep here at the house. Since we had just finished laying the new floor in the master bedroom, we put our mattress in Brooklyn's room (since there isn't any furniture in there yet) and slept in there for a night. Friday we brought in the last load of stuff from the apartment. Now all we have to do over there is give it a good cleaning and turn in all our keys and such. We want to get it looking as good as possible in hopes to get our full deposit back as well as half the pet deposit that you can get back.

What I now have left to do in the house:

- unpack and organize/put away all of our clothing. This is going to be a much more difficult task than I had originally thought. First of all, we have SO MANY CLOTHES!! It's ridiculous! I've started a Good Will box because we are totally getting rid of the clothes we haven't worn in over six months. Secondly, I've borrowed a ton of maternity clothes and I've gotten them from three different friends. I have already begun sorting out the stuff I can't wear and putting them back up in the containers they came in so that after I have the baby it won't be so overwhelming. All three of my friends who lent me their maternity clothes had their babies at different times of the year so their "big" clothes are all different seasons. There's a lot that I can't wear from two of them b/c they had winter babies so I simply can't wear those clothes now. One of them had a summer baby so I'm still able to wear her clothes. Anyways...I got off there on a rabbit trail. The point is that putting the clothes up is a huge task hanging over my head. Thankfully I have a wonderful mom who is helping me with everything and will be coming back over tomorrow morning to help me deal with the clothes. Hopefully we can have it all done in a couple of hours.

- I also have to unpack and organize the office. The office is where all my Mary Kay stuff will be as well as all our "paper" stuff. We have a small desk that was piled with stuff at the apartment. I fully intend on going through everything and throwing out EVERYTHING that isn't absolutely vital for us to keep. I'm so hoping to become a clutter-free person and get rid of the paper that takes over my house. I don't know how we end up with so much paper junk around our house but we do! It irritates the heck out of me! 

- Brooklyn's room is actually one of my top priorities to get done in the house as well. We have all of her stuff in there, the problem is, we don't have very much "stuff" at this point. lol. We don't have a crib or changing table yet and I have a dresser but I still need to re-paint it. We also don't have the stroller/car seat yet but I think my parents might be getting that for us. I also don't have the nursery crib sheet set that will be the theme of her nursery. I need to get that. I think I'll order it this week. I can't wait to have it all cute and decorated - it just seems like there is so much to do and now I'm running out of time. 

- Last and probably least important is the two bathrooms. I still haven't unpacked anything for our bathroom and the second bathroom has nothing in it - not even a working toilet at this point. My dad is taking care of that though.

So there you have it. I've been so blessed that my family has been so extremely helpful in getting this house looking the way it does now and getting our stuff moved in. My parents have gone above and beyond and helped us so much and I'm so very thankful for them. Even today, on Father's Day, my dad was over here finishing up the tile and other little things that needed fixing. My mother-in-law has also been a huge help. She helped us paint the rooms and pack stuff from the apartment and haul it over here in this wonderful Texas heat! Thanks Mitzi! We couldn't have done it without you either. My brother has also helped a lot. He's become quite a tile-layer. :) Thanks B-ryan! I have to say that I have never needed my family more than I have lately and they have been there for me. I've been physically miserable for the past 2 weeks with all the horrible swelling in my feet and ankles and hands and they have bent over backwards to make sure I don't over-do. I really appreciate all the help from both sides of our family and everyone else who has played a part in helping us with this transition. My hubby has been working his tail off as well. Between school and his regular job, he has gone out and spray-painted curbs to make some extra money and then has used his spare time to help my dad and brother with the tile and has had to carry the load on moving since I can't do much. I know he's exhausted and needs some rest but he just keeps trucking away and doing what he knows needs to be done. He's been a wonderful husband and I'm so thankful for him. I know he's going to be an awesome dad. I love you Waylon!

Ok...I think I'm done with all the mushy stuff. hehe

I have a doctor's appointment this coming Thursday and it will be my 37 week appointment. I'm REALLY hoping she has some good news for me on the progressing towards labor front. It would love to hear the words "we need to induce you next week" come out of her mouth. I would like it not to come before next week because I have my church baby shower this coming Saturday and there's still just so much I need to do to be ready for her. I'm also not getting my hopes up that I'll hear good news like that because I don't want to be too terribly disappointed. Even if I have only progressed a tiny bit, I'll be excited. If I'm still the same as I was two weeks ago, I'll be a little disgruntled but I'll survive. I don't want her coming until she's ready but I'm really hoping she's ready early! lol. I'm ready to see her little face and hold her and kiss her and love on her. I just can't even fathom what it's going to feel like seeing her for the first time. It's one of those things that seems way too surreal for me right now. *sigh* Can't wait but I have to. ;-/ When I went to see my cousin Lydia and her new little boy Cooper on Thursday, it just made me all the more excited and anxious to see Brooklyn. Cooper was adorable and it was great to see Lydia and him. I also got to see my aunt Donna who we picked up from the airport and took to the hospital to see her new grandson. It was a good afternoon. The hospital Lydia delivered in is HUGE!! Baylor Dallas is like it's own city! My tiny little hospital looks like a dollar store in comparison! lol. 

I'll also hopefully have another picture of myself to post up here when I post the pictures of the house. I'm getting quite large and uncomfortable. My hobbit feet are really gross to look at too. My face is swelling and I noticed the other day that even my nose is swelling! I have a bigger nose right now than I have ever had! I don't like that at all! lol. 

Well, I think this post has gotten long enough. Waylon should be getting to leave work here pretty soon. He just called me and told me he only had two cars left to deliver (he's a vallet at the DFW airport) and then he was going to get to come home. I like it when this happens because his normal hours on Sunday nights is until 1:30am! I don't like going to bed before he gets home but I can't always stay up until then either. 

Next post I'll hopefully either have pictures or at least some good updated news about having this baby - or both!


Melissa@MamaMonoblogs said...

I hope you get some good news on Thursday. Just remember, even if you don't have everything done by the time she's born, you'll still have a roof over your head,clothing,a bathroom and a place to put Brooklyn. Just don't get too stressed about everything. And you will be holding Brooklyn before you know it! You'll get to hold her, hug her and kiss her. And then she'll be almost four. So enjoy it! lol I'm glad you've been able to have so much help. I'm sure the house looks awesome I look forward to seeing it. I've sent your shower gift and it should be getting there soon.
Love ya!

Aileen said...

You're almost there with the house and with Brooklyn! We've done alot to get things organized at your house and there's just a little more to do! Get your rest:)

Heather said...

Try not to stress about getting everything for the nursery. If you have somewhere to put her clothes, change her and a bassinet/pack n play for your room for her to sleep in you will be doing good. Also, try not to get your hopes up to much about how much progress you make at each visit. I kept praying that I would at least have some change because my whole pregnancy they thought I would go early.....yeah right :) At 40 weeks I was induce and labored for 20 hours with no change and ended up with a c-section...go figure... pregnancy is a crazy ride so just try to go with the flow. Also, I'm sure other people have shared this with you but if you can try to buy some preemie clothes (especially for her to come home in) because all the newborn stuff is HUGE. Tyler weighted 6lbs 12oz and he wore preemie clothes for like 2 months. Hang in there and I will be praying for you!

Grace said...

I totally agree with Heather's comment about not knowing what to expect as far as labor goes and about the premie clothes thing too. You probably won't need a ton of things in that size, but maybe a couple of onesies and possibly a cute outfit. Even the newborn size seemed to swim on all of my kids (who were all over 7lbs) for at least a couple of weeks. As far as the whole labor thing goes, I went in to labor 4 days past my due date with Riley, but was induced early with both the boys...I was 38 1/2 weeks when they induced Tyler! So you just never know. If you have started having any contractions, even just Braxton-Hicks, you should visualize things opening (like flower petals opening, or even a door opening). According to my childbirth classes before we had Riley that is supposed to actually have an impact on the dilation of your cervix. I don't know how much it really helped, but I did that a lot when I had contractions at the end of Tyler's pregnancy and I was 4 centimeters dilated already when I went for my 38 week check up! So guess it can't hurt!

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