Tuesday, June 9, 2009

35 week appointment

Today's appointment was slightly more eventful than the rest. I had an ultra sound first to check and see that Brooklyn is indeed head down, which she is, and then the much-awaited "internal" exam. I'll start with the ultra sound. Brooklyn has definitely grown since her 3D ultra sound. The u/s tech said she weighs 6 pounds on the nose which is slightly large but he said not huge or anything. My doctor said she is in the 66th percentile so I guess that's not too bad. She likes it when they go over the 50th percentile. I'm not even sure what all that means but she says it's good and I believe her. Brooklyn's face was much chubbier in the ultra sound pictures this time. We got a very good look at it. I'll have pictures posted soon hopefully but not today as our printer is under a pile of stuff on the kitchen table. She has some super chubby cheeks and her mouth and nose were very distinct. We also got a great profile shot. The internal exam was quick and semi-painless. As always, those types of checks are never fun but I welcome them now b/c it indicates the end of the pregnancy being near. She said things looked good and to be exactly where I should be right now. I won't go into any further detail. I'm not dialated yet though so I'll be having one more 2 week visit. At my next visit I'll start coming in every week. Hopefully at the next appointment I'll hear some good news that I'm dialated and headed in the direction of having her before my due date. :)

After the appointment, I came home and laid on the couch and have basically been doing that all afternoon. I was told by my doc to get my feet up b/c they were pretty swollen this morning. After two days of hard work over at our house, I decided I would take a day and rest and not go over there. It's coming along very well. We only have one more bedroom to paint and we're basically just waiting on the carpet to get cleaned and see what it looks like and go from there. The living room carpet is so filthy that we really don't think the cleaners  are going to be able to get it clean enough to use. We will be getting a vinyl flooring for the living room and hallways if this is the case. It will look so much better too if we are able to do this. Once the floor situation is resolved, we can finally move our stuff in. I'm getting a little frustrated at how long it's taking them to get a carpet cleaner over there. My parents haven't been able to get ahold of the rental agency lady who is in charge of getting the house back to pieces and I'm starting to feel like she's dragging her feet on purpose or something. We don't have an indefinite amount of time to wait here for this - our lease is up on June 30th and by then I don't want to still be moving when my due date is 2 weeks away! Grr! This is not the type of frustration I need right now. I'm thrilled to be able to get to move into a house, but I also didn't think it would be this difficult to get the previous renter's crap taken care of before we got to get in there.

That being said, I still have a lot of apathy in the "getting things done" department. I just want to lay around most days b/c doing anything else is extremely tiring and uncomfortable. I did just put a load of dishes in to wash and that felt like a huge accomplishment. Waylon is out making us some extra money by spray painting curbs. He used to do this in the summers when he was in high school to make extra money and now it's coming in quite handy as his work is only scheduling him to work 2 days a week. He picks a neighborhood and goes from house to house, knocking on doors and offering to spray paint the house numbers on their curbs. He charges $8 for one curb and $10 for both sides of a driveway. He does very well and can usually make $30-$40 in just an hour and a half. He goes out in the evenings after five since it's cooler and people tend to be home more in the evenings than in the middle of the day. It's good to see my husband being willing to go out and do this to help support us. He's also taking Spanish 1 during the first summer semester and he's doing quite well! He has used a lot of his spare time to study and calls me regularly when he's studying at work to ask me questions. I'm glad I am able to help him and it's been fun for me as well. He was pretty frustrated in the beginning but I think now that he's getting the hang of it, the frustration is less. He likes his teacher though and says she is very good so that always helps.

Today is my second day of official "summer break". It still feels a little weird just waking up whenever I want and sitting around the house. I could get used to this! lol. Soon I won't just be sitting around though - I'll have a little baby demanding all my energy and attention. I am looking forward to it. I watched three episodes of "A Baby Story" and one episode of "Birth Day" today. Of course I cried every time the babies were born in each episode. I'm such a sap. lol

Well, Waylon is headed back from spray painting and when he gets here I'm going down to meet him and go to dinner. Will be back soon with ultra sound pics of Brooklyn and a couple shots of me so you can see just how big I am right now.


Grace said...

I'm sorry things are taking longer to get you in to your house than you wanted them to. I feel your pain! We were living in Grandma's house for two weeks waiting for our apartment to be ready after our house sold and Jake was born during the second week of that wait so I was moving in to a new apartment with a four day old! Hopefully that won't happen to you though, even though you probably can't wait to get the pregnancy over with now. Hang in there and it'll all be over soon! You'll be in your house with your sweet new baby!

Aileen said...

Don't get too frustrated right now, that won't be good for you either! Everything is going to fall into place soon:) Rest while you can because your work is coming here in the near future! Hopefully Brooklyn is going to be a good sleeper.

Melissa@MamaMonoblogs said...

everything will come together for you. I know this is a frustrating time but try to enjoy it b/c it's such an exciting one! Sounds like Brookelyn is going to be big!