Friday, October 9, 2009

Motherhood and surprises

Motherhood has taken me into her strong grip and will not let go. I must say, it is a very challenging, beautiful lifestyle. It's finally starting to sink in that little miss Brooklyn is MINE and she is a long lasting responsibility. It's such a foreign idea for someone my age who has never had a long lasting responsibility like this and is experiencing it for the first time. Does this make sense? It's such a huge milestone in my life and it's hard to believe it has happened. It's hard to believe I've already gone through my entire first pregnancy which I thought would never end. Now here I am with an almost 3 month old beautiful baby girl!  She keeps things hoppin' around here, that's for sure! I'm learning a lot about myself through motherhood:

- I worry less about some areas that I thought I would worry MORE about and I worry MORE about some areas I thought I would worry LESS about. Weird.
- I'm not good at housekeeping with an extra person. I barely got my own laundry done in the past, now I have another little diva to keep dressed and clean. It's a never-ending pile of laundry that doesn't get done very often! lol
- My time is more precious to me than anything right now.  I'm finding that more than money or socializing or anything else, my personal family time has become more important to me than I ever could have imagined.
- Leaving a tiny little part of myself at home, in bed is PAINFUL!!! 
- I never thought I would say it, but here it is: I miss being pregnant! I get all nostalgic of my pregnancy and feeling her move and just all the excitement of meeting her and seeing her for the first time. I miss that. Not that I'm not super happy that she is here and it's so much more fun than being pregnant. But I still miss it and look forward to my next pregnancy which will probably be sometime next year if things go as planned. I want to get off the pill next summer and try to get pregnant then and have a spring baby in 2011. Of course, God probably has other plans for us, BUT, that's what we're going with right now. :)
- I enjoy making a fool of myself just to see my precious little girl smile. It's priceless.

There are many other things I could list here but my mind is all jumbled and I'm being distracted by said little girl smiling and cooing at her daddy in her bouncer.

We need some prayer right now for our financial situation. The issue is not that we don't have enough money, although we could use a little extra income a month to make ends meet. Our main problem is appropriation of the funds we do have and paying bills first before we spend it on anything else. We really need to buckle down and live off a budget and not break it every time. It's very frustrating to get tow 2 weeks from my next pay check and not have enough money to pay the water and electric bill, let alone, buy groceries and gas. Ugh. It's so stressful. We are going to be cutting out ALL eating out for the next 2 weeks and then once I get paid again, I want us to be almost that strict for the next month and see how much of a difference it makes in our getting bills paid. I did recently purchase "Financial Peace" by Dave Ramsey at Half Priced Books. So far it has been very good and inspiring and telling me a lot of stuff I needed to hear. Having another mouth to feed makes the reality of being a good steward of our money THAT much more important. So pray for us as we make big changes in our finances. God has blessed us with much and we are very grateful. We need to learn to take better care of what He has given us. 

One last thing that I just have to brag about is something amazing my husband did for me this week. On Monday I came home to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my table, along with a big bowl of chocolates and a beautiful hand written letter from Waylon. Also, the kitchen and living room had been cleaned. He was a busy man that day! I sat and read the letter and cried. It felt so amazing coming home to such a sweet gesture and reading beautiful words from my husband. He is a wonderful husband and father and I am so blessed to get to spend the rest of my life with him. Thank you Waylon! I love you babe!


Aileen said...

Yes, little miss Brooklyn is amazing. She is alot of responsibility, but worth every minute of it! We enjoy so much the time we spend with her. Things will get easier the longer you hang in there especially in the finances department. Like you said, its not that you don't have enough money coming in, but that you put it in the right places!

Jules said...

You're not alone with your finances, a lot of us are struggling right now.

I love what your husband did. We are very fortunate to have husbands who care and love us so much.

Stef and Jared said...

oh my gosh i loved this blog!!! Waylon is so sweet... brooklyn is so precious and i love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa @Simply Mel said...

Great post! I TOLD YOU YOU WOULD MISS BEING PREGNANT! There, I got that out of my system. LOL
Being a mom is awesome. It's such a huge life change. Eventually you will learn how to get everything done with Brooklyn around.
We enjoyed seeing her, hugging her, holding her,and kissing her. She is beautiful and we love her!

Sandi said...

Steph, James and I were just talking about you and Waylon recently, wondering how you are doing. We have been following the Dave Ramsey plan for close to 2 years now, and it has made an amazing difference in our financial situation. I will be praying for you and Waylon as you work through it.