Saturday, May 30, 2009

My crazy week

I was telling my mom yesterday that I felt totally "out of touch" with everything b/c I had spent so little time on my computer the last 3 days. It's sad when you have to say The reason I've spent so little time on here is b/c my days have been jammed packed full of stuff going on. First off, I just want to do a little dance about this being my last week of school coming up and then I get all summer to relax and be miserable and then have my baby! lol. Even though we had Monday off this past week, it felt like a really long week once I went back to work. I hope this coming week doesn't feel like that.

So, here's a recap on my week:

Tuesday - pretty uneventful. Went to work, came home, laid around and did nothing.
Wednesday - went to work and got to leave at 3:00pm to go to my doctor's appointment. Everything went well there. I go back a week from Tuesday where she will do her first internal check (I'll be 35 weeks) and decide at that point if I need to start coming in every week or do one more 2 week visit. Everything came up normal except for one teeny, tiny thing...well, I should say BIG thing. I stepped on the scales and I had gained 9 POUNDS this last month!!!! I was shocked! I asked if I could step off and step back on and see if it said something different! lol. She just kind of chuckled and wrote down the weight. At my last appointment I had only gained 3 pounds. This is definitely a record for me of which I was not hoping to break. The only consolation is that my doc promises me that it's all fluid. My ankles and feet were super swollen and she said that just looking at them she could tell that I had about 6 or 7 pounds of fluid retention just in my legs and feet. Phew! If it had been regular weight gain, she said she would know through my blood pressure which would be high and mine isn't. It came in at a whopping 102/70 on Wednesday. :-) I was happy for that. I measured 35cm at 33 weeks which is normal. I still feel like I'm having a big baby though. We'll see.

After the doctor's appointment I had to actually go back to school to help with the cheerleading captain interviews. I wasn't super excited about having to drive back to my school in the awful 5pm traffic, however, it's one of the last things I'll be doing as a cheer sponsor so I did it without complaining too much. hehe. After the interviews we had a booster club meeting to go over all the new cheerleader info. I didn't end up getting to go home until nine-ish. So by the time I got home, I took my quick shower and crashed into bed.

Thursday - went to work. Didn't have to go to cheer practice b/c they were ordering uniforms and I was told there wasn't anything I needed to be there for. I went home gladly. We went over and visited our good friends Stefanie and Jared McNeely to see their beautiful new house they just closed on Wednesday. It is an awesome house and I'm so excited for them that they were able to buy it. It's a newer house and had that awesome new house smell. We hung out with them until about 9 and then came home. 

Friday - went to work. It was "Fiesta Day" which is always a nice, easy day, except for when two of your classes lose their fiesta due to bad behavior and bad grades. What I do for each class period is give them the opportunity to earn their fiesta at the end of each semester. This fiesta is based on good behavior (We have a strike system - 3rd strike and you're done) and their grades (70% of the class has to be passing in the week of the fiesta). Well, my 3rd and 7th periods lost their fiesta due to bad behavior. Not just bad...awful. So all the other classes got a fiesta but 3rd and 7th and they had a fun little worksheet to do. Waylon came up during my 4th period and stayed through my 6th hanging out with us and eating and working on his Spanish homework. He is taking Spanish 1 and 2 this summer towards his degree. He is loving it! NOT! lol. Overall, it was a good day at work. 

After school, I rushed home and showered and then we headed off to a Ranger game with some members of our church. I had an inkling that I shouldn't go because I was already pretty tired, however, we paid $18 for the tickets which included an all-you-can-eat buffet that was indoors and air conditioned so I thought I could probably manage. Well, it turned out to be a little much for me. At first it wasn't bad, we just sat up in the buffet area and ate. Once we headed down to our seats, that's when I started feeling not so great. My feet and ankles swelled up HUGE and I couldn't sit comfortably in the seats. I took a couple of little "walks" around with my mom and ended up having to use the bathroom both times, but on the walks would get breathless and dizzy and have to sit down. I finally ended up just staying up in the buffet area, in a comfy booth where we could still watch the game, with Waylon. We played Sudoku and watched the game. When I finally got home, I felt like my body had been beaten with a stick! My legs ached more than they have in a long time and I just felt exhausted. I literally fell into bed and was asleep probably within 10 minutes. I don't even remember when Waylon came to bed - if he stayed up a while or came right to bed. I'm pretty sure he came right to bed b/c he has to be at work at 6am on Saturdays.

Saturday - Well today has been a busy day for me also. I began writing this blog quite a while ago but was interrupted with a very good phone call from my dad. He informed me that the current renter of the house we'll be living in turned in his keys yesterday so we could get in the house today. So I saved my blog and went on over to take a gander at the house. I took my mother in law, Mitzi, and we met my dad over at what will soon be our home. For the most part, the house is in great condition. The renter who lived there was obviously a pig because he left it a mess and the carpet was very dirty. All the things that were "wrong" with it are easy fixes though that he will be paying for. The current paint in the house is actually pretty decent, minus the "blue room" but we will be repainting most of it with the two colors we got. The grass needs watering and mowing but I love the back yard, it's going to be perfect for Rowf and for having kids. Brooklyn will hopefully be spending lots of time out there playing and swimming in the kiddie pool we will be getting her. I will post some before and after pictures. We will have to wait till they get all the stuff fixed in it that the renter is paying for before we can get in there and start painting so that may bump us back a week as far as getting to get started on it but we have the rest of the month of June in our apartment so there's no rush. This is actually all working out perfectly. It's amazing how God just works things out. :-) We also got a huge blessing with our rent this month. Since we referred Waylon's parents to live here, we got a $300 voucher off the next month's rent. They moved in her in April and with all the little details figured out, we would get our 300 off for the month of June. So Waylon went in to pay our rent this week expecting to pay $244 instead of $544. When he gets there, the lady says, oh now the deal is that you get $500 off so you only owe $44!!!  So we got our last month's rent for $44!!! I would have done cartwheels when he called and told me that if I wasn't pregnant. lol. 

So while this week has been very busy and tiring for me, it has been filled with blessings and excitement at the same time. Waylon will be home in a little bit and then I will head over to the house for the 3rd time today to show it to him. He is very excited about us living in a house also. We both have enjoyed living in this apartment and it was a great deal on a very good apartment but the apartment life is just not for us anymore, especially now that we're having a baby. I could handle it if we weren't going to be adding to the family right now but a house is just a much better place to live if you have a baby. I'm going to be a little sad when we finally do completely move out of the apartment and have to say goodbye to it. It was my first place to live away from my parents as well as where I spent most of my first year of marriage to Waylon. There have been many memories made in this apartment and it's going to be bitter/sweet when we leave it. Waylon said I could be sad for the both of us. He doesn't seem to be sharing in my sentimentality! lol Men...

Well, I'm going to stop here so I can lay back and relax a little before Waylon gets home and I'm out the door again.


Aileen said...

I didn't know you would feel sentimental about leaving your apartment. I can understand though, being your firs apartment together in your 1st year of marriage:) Women just feel more sentimental about things than men do. I probably would feel the same way! I hope you got alot of rest today!

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Melissa@MamaMonoblogs said...

I'm soooo excited for you. This is such an exciting time. Now you can enjoy your weeks before the baby, prepare, relax a bit and just be totally excited. This was always my favorite part. Enjoy!
Did I write "excited" enough??