Monday, August 3, 2009

Anniversary post

Sunday, August 2nd, marked the completion of our first year of marriage. Time just flies by. It's been quite an eventful year for us. First we get married, then it was back to work with the added job of cheer sponsor for me, then I find out I'm pregnant, Waylon goes back to school full-time and works...etc. I can't believe we crammed all that into a year! I never thought I would have a baby before my first year anniversary but God had other plans for us. We are totally in love with Brooklyn - she is perfect in every way. I was worried that once we had her that my focus would be so much on her that it would create a bit of a gap in our marriage and we wouldn't be as close as we were before. It's actually done the complete opposite. I'm more in love with my husband than before and feel like I need him more than ever as well. Thankfully my baby blues have gone and I no longer cry when he leaves for work, but I still miss him terribly when he's not here with me. He is my best friend and still the person I enjoy spending time with the most. 

I hope we have decades and decades more together to see our children grow and for our own relationship to flourish into the best God has for us. He has been a Godly husband who has led our now growing family in a Godly direction and I know he will continue to do so. 

Waylon, I love you very much and I am so happy I finally came to my senses and began dating you. Thank you for being such a loving and forgiving husband and friend. You are my very best friend and I am a better person when I am with you. You complete me inside like no one else (human) ever has. My love for you grows everyday and every time I look at our beautiful daughter. You have made me so happy and I thank God for bringing you in my life 8 years ago. I love you babe!

Here are just a couple more pictures from our wonderful wedding day:

My very own prince charming! I love this picture. :-)

He makes me so happy!

Running off into wedded bliss!

So there you have it! I wouldn't change a thing in the past year. I love Waylon and now I love him even more! I didn't think I could love two people as much as I love my husband and my daughter. It's amazing how our hearts can keep growing in love. God is good to us like that to allow so much love and happiness into our lives. I am very grateful to the Lord for all he has blessed me with and look forward to seeing the future he leads our family into.


Aileen said...

Very good post Steph! I can't believe that you all have had so much happen since you've got married. God has given you all alot of blessings, that's for sure! Brooklyn is a huge blessing and she's adorable and we love having her around. Happy Anniversary!

Aileen said...

P.S. I never thought that you and Melissa would celebrate your anniversaries this close together. I think it's kind of neat though. It would be fun for both of you to celebrate together sometime:O)

Jules said...

I know the feeling. We have been married for 26 years. We have had many bumps along the way but our love has never been stronger.

Melissa @Simply Mel (Formerly Mama Monoblogs) said...

I think it's funny,too, that our anniversaries are close! Hopefully one day we WILL get to live close enough to celebrate together. I also like the picture of Waylon kneeling and kissing your hand. It makes me wish our wedding pictures we done a little more....creatively. But that's what happens when your photographer cancels a couple of weeks before you wedding b/c she just had a baby and sends her mentor who you meet on the day OF your wedding.

I can't believe you crammed all that into one year either. I remember your wedding like it was yesterday. It was a great day