Thursday, July 30, 2009

adjusting to parenthood

My baby is officially 2 weeks and a day old! I can't believe how quickly this time is passing us by. Each day she amazes me with how beautiful she is and that she is MINE! Waylon and I both think she's just the most beautiful thing in the world and I have to admit that it melts me when I see Waylon interacting with her and talking to her and telling her how beautiful she is and seeing how patient he is with her. He's already a wonderful daddy and I know he's going to be amazing once she gets older and is able to interact more and he is able to play with her and teach her stuff. As I type this right now, daddy is feeding her a bottle. He does a fantastic job at burping her, which I'm not so great at. Daddy's got the magic touch for that!

Our little princess has been having some issues with constipation. It's hard to see her in pain and grunting and suffering, but I know this is just part of newborn life. Hopefully she will pass this pretty soon. We bought some Karo syrup last night and I've been putting it in her bottle. It has already helped and she slept better last night than she has in the past 4 nights, which makes Waylon and I VERY happy. She did end up back in bed with me early this morning around her 5am feeding but that was more me being a softy then her really needing it. She slept great! I woke up around 10am and couldn't believe she was still sound asleep! I slept well also. It was nice. I know I need to eventually wean her off sleeping with me so she will get used to her pack n' play but it's hard when I hear that little cry of hers and I know she wants some mommy time. :) I will NOT spoil my child! At least not when she is old enough to know she's being spoiled...right now it's ok. 

Here's a little list of changes in her and me in the past 2 weeks:

- she is starting to lift her head quite a bit - she's very strong!
- she smiles a lot in her sleep - I know it's gas but she has an adorable smile and I love it. 
- She is developing quite a temper! I have no idea where she got that from...definitely not ME!
- She's up to taking 3 oz's at a time!
- I have quit breastfeeding completely. I just decided it was not worth the frustration it was causing me. I dreaded it everytime I had to do it. She wasn't getting enough so I had to also make a bottle for her. It HURT! And did I mention I didn't enjoy it in the least bit?? I know it's not supposed to be about me, BUT, she gets everything she needs from the formula and she got about 10 days of breastfeeding so I feel like she still got some benefits. On top of all that, once I got back to work (which I do not want to really think or talk about right now), I won't be able to continue breast feeding. My job isn't conducive to pumping. I teach and there is no where I could escape to in order to pump. I also wouldn't be able to use my conference period everyday because then I wouldn't get any grading done and would end up having to stay later after school which I don't want to do. So, there were many reasons I quit and I'm now happier and Brooklyn doesn't even know the difference. 
- I've gotten a little better with the crying, thank goodness. I haven't cried in a couple of days - I think since shortly after I posted about it. lol. Go figure...
- I have finally figured out a way to swaddle Brooklyn that she can't work her hands free of. The other way I was doing it just wasn't working and she would get her hands free and wake herself up. That's so annoying!
- I've also started letting her sleep on her side (with those wedges on either side of her so she can't roll over) and she sleeps really well that way. I let her sleep like that last night and she slept extremely well for the first half of the night so I may start letting her sleep that way as much as possible until she is big enough to sleep on her belly.
- She has started using her tummy time mat, although most of her time on it is on her back. lol. I've been slowly trying to hold her less during the day and put her in her bouncer and on the mat so she might stay awake longer and get a little less dependent on mommy holding her - not that I mind doing that AT ALL!
- I've lost over 30 lbs!! I don't remember my feet an ankles looking so skinny! I guess I just forgot what they look like normally. I used to think I had thick ankles; that was until I got pregnant and saw what thick ankles looked like! Now I'm perfectly content with the size of my ankles. They look anorexic!
- along with the weight loss, I've been able to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans and jean shorts (which I'm wearing right now!). That was a huge relief as I thought it would be months before I could fit into anything pre-pregnancy and that I would end up having to go out and buy a completely new wardrobe. I still want the new wardrobe but now I don't have to be in a rush to get it and spend money I don't have on clothes that fit me. 
-I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with my Mary Kay business. I'm currently having a big online sale with free shipping (since I know so many people from out of state or too far away in Texas for me to deliver to). If you're interested, leave me your email in a comment and I'll send you the email with all the info. Meanwhile, go check out my MK website at: - I would love to help you with your skin care and cosmetic needs!
-I'm looking forward to Monday night when Waylon and I go out to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! We are contemplating leaving Brooklyn with my parents overnight so we can have a full night of uninterrupted sleep. I'm not sure if I'll be able to go for that though, but we'll see the closer the time gets. We're not doing anything too major: just dinner and a movie. We will probably go down town Fort Worth and eat at Pizzeria Uno's (one of my favorite places to eat) and then catch a movie down there. I dearly miss the time Waylon and I used to have together when we would go out and just have a nice relaxing night out. We haven't really done that in a long time since I wasn't up for much going out in the later stages of my pregnancy. It's going to be nice to go out as a couple with me looking and feeling normal again!
- My post-op doctor's appointment went very well. She says my incision from the c-section is healing great - no infection or anything to cause concern. She gave me a prescription for the pill which I will start in about another month. I wasn't really wanting to go back on the pill after having Brooklyn and just try natural birth control with keeping track of my cycle. HOWEVER, the paranoia of getting pregnant again right away has taken over and I want some ASSURANCE that it won't happen for at least another year, hopefully two. I know the pill isn't 100% but I sure trust it more than me keeping track of my cycle!
-We go for Brooklyn's next appointment tomorrow morning at 9:15 am. I fully expect her to be over 10 lbs. I'll be surprised if she isn't. 

I think that's enough for now. I will be posting a blog about my anniversary and my wonderful husband this weekend as promised before. Hopefully, I won't be overly sappy and emotional on it but I will be honest and expressive with my feelings so if you don't like public expressions of love, don't read it! lol. 

p.s. I got my anniversary gift early - a pink iPod nano! I love it and am working on getting it filled up with music. Any suggestions of musicians (Christian or non-Christian) that you have, will be greatly appreciated. We check out CD's from the library and burn them onto our computers. :) I have purposely avoided looking up to see if that's illegal because I want to be ignorant of whether or not it that wrong? haha...don't answer that question.


Aileen said...

Enjoyed your post Steph! I'm glad you're not crying as much are beginning to find your new normal now. Things are different after having a baby, but now you will find what is normal in this stage of your life. Brooklyn is adorable and beautiful and wonderful:) I'm sure you and Waylon are going to be wonderful parents!!!!

Lydia said...

I'm glad things are going well! And it's great to hear that the Karo syrup is working! A few more weeks and Brooklyn will be sleeping even longer stretches. Cooper slept 7 hours straight last night! Of course I'm still tired when I don't get to bed till 11 and get up with him at 5, but it's still better than it was! :)
Here's my music recommendation. I'm not sure if you're a fan of American Idol or if you've ever watched, but last year's season's winner (not the one that just ended, but the one before that) was David Cook and I'm a huge fan of his. He has one CD out right now but he also has a CD that he did before going on American Idol that's really good too. In my opinion, his style is along the lines of "The Fray" and "One Republic", so if you like them, then you might like him.

Grace said...

I enjoyed hearing about how you guys are doing with Brooklyn. Sounds like things are going well for all of you! On the pooping problems, I discovered something called acidophilus when Jake was a baby and had a lot of gas and seemed to have problems pooping. You can buy it made for babies in a powder that you put in their bottles and it does seem to help. I'm using it with Tyler too and he is very regular. I can almost time his pooping. Anyway, I order the stuff off the internet and the brand name of it is Jarro-dophilus made by Jarrow. Acidophilus is supposed to be really good for adults too and you can get it in pill form. Congrats on your weight loss! I remember being the exact same way after I had Riley. Not so much with my next two though. :/ Hopefully you'll always bounce back after any future children (who I'm sure you only want to think about in a vague figurative sense right now :D).

Stef and Jared said...

hey! i love that pic of brooklyn! congrats on the anniversary coming up too! time flies girl!!!!

Melissa @Simply Mel (Formerly Mama Monoblogs) said...

Great update! I too am glad the blues are going away. That's great about the weight loss! I was going to ask you about that so it's good that you posted about it. I'm jealous!! lol Do you have a baby swing? My girls stayed in the baby swing a lot as babies. It was a God send! Madelyn loved the swing and napped in that until she got on a napping schedule and I started putting her in her crib. I always felt bad about giving the girls "tummy time" on the floor. They always looked so helpless and uncomfortable. But it's great for them. I recommend Colby Caillat for music. I love her music. It's very soothing. I've also been listening to Natasha Bedingfield and Leona Lewis here lately. I really like their songs too.