Friday, January 14, 2011

A blog post about posting on my blog.

I have been struggling a lot with my blog lately. I have had the strong desire to write, and even think of several things I want to write throughout the day, BUT, when it comes down to actually sitting down and typing the words in, I draw a blank. Maybe it’s because I only have times in the late evening to do this and by then my brain has turned to mush and I’ve forgotten half of what happened that day, let alone what quickly entered and left my mind. *sigh* This brings me to the fact that if I truly want to keep my blog up, which I do, then I must come up with a plan to keep up with my thoughts and ideas for posts and things I simply want to share from my heart and mind.

I know that one way to do that is to just keep a small notepad on hand and jot down the ideas as I think of them. I know several people who do this for different areas of there life, such as to-do lists and work related things. I’ll have to try this. My problem will be remembering to get out the notepad and actually putting pen to paper with the thought I had at that moment. Forget the fact that, most of the time, when I have these ideas or thoughts, I’m not really in a place where I can stop and write it down. Often, thoughts come to me while I’m in the middle of teaching a lesson. Something funny/frustrating/”insert description here” will happen in my classroom which leads to me thinking of something else or some profound (yes, I have those sometimes!) concept in life and I’ll think “That would be a great anecdote to blog about!” or “I should do a post about this concept”. But then, my 20-something students that period will distract me from thinking about my blog by needing my mental capacity for their learning (gasp! How DARE they!) and I’ll forget all about it and go on with my day. Some days something like that will happen almost every class period. That’s 6 times in a day that I had good blog fodder and completely let it pass me by…oy!

Not that this means I want to constantly be thinking about my blog and coming up with ideas to write on it, BUT, I do want to have an interesting one that people want/look forward to reading (besides my immediate family who I know sit around wondering when I will post next! Haha).

One thing I enjoy about blogging is simply the catharsis it brings me to get things “out there” for someone to read, even if it’s just one person, or two – my mom and my sister. *smile*

I also am constantly inspired by some of the other blogs I read of women who are amazing writers with beautiful pictures and words that just flow together like music. I’ve never been one to write eloquently. I can write a good research paper and score an A, but inspirational writing just isn’t my gift. I’ve often considered taking another writing class just to improve that area. In fact, I won’t be surprised when community colleges begin offering a “writing for bloggers” class or something. Now THAT would be something I would definitely be interested in and that I believe would be a big hit with the up and coming blogging generation.

So, en lieu of this post about my blogging hopes and desires, here is a list of concrete goals I’m setting for myself in terms of blogging:

1. Write one post a week and maybe work up to 3 per week by the summer.
2. Keep my notepad handy for when ideas pop in my head for my blog.
3. Write meaningful posts that will inspire, help or encourage others out there who might be facing the same struggles/obstacles.
4. Be and honest blogger.
5. Blog in a way that is pleasing to God and, if that ever changes or it begins to take away from my serving Him, stop and re-evaluate whether I should keep one or not.
6. Have one day of the week where I have a theme or specific topic I blog about. I already have some ideas in the works.
7. Work ahead on future posts and get the ideas going so that I don’t have posts with too many different things going on in them.
8. Begin posting over at my other blog “What’s In My Coffee” again. Yes, I still have it up and yes, I still want to keep it up.
9. Take more pictures of my beautiful daughter and second daughter (coming in April!) and post them so you all can ooh and ahh over them with me.
10. Find a free layout I love or pay to have one designed for me. I'm so sick of not having a blog design that I like. It discourages me from blogging. I know that sounds silly, but it's true!

I'm working this evening on a couple of different posts with specific topics and one of them will be solely dedicated to Brooklyn as she will be turning 18 months on Sunday. I'll also probably do a post solely dedicated to my pregnancy as tomorrow I will be 25 weeks and am approaching my 3rd trimester with a vengeance!

All this and more coming up very soon! Stay tuned!


Aileen said...

Interesting blog about "blogging":)
You and Melissa are good writers! I don't think you have anything to worry about in that area! You all are good with words and expressing yourselves! I'm sure when you have more time it will be alot easier to blog and even think about things you want to write about. Or maybe not with two little girls needing your attention all the time:)

Jackie's Little World said...

steph, i read your blog :-) so you have 3 people that always read it (although I'm pretty sure it's more than that)! and i always really enjoy it!! i think that sounds like a nice organizational idea that will help keep your thoughts together...lack of sleep and being preggo make your brain turn into mashed potatoes :-)

KAS said...

I feel much the same about topics to write on. I have a great brainstorm and even mentally type it, and then, it's over and gone, never to return. A thought permanently lost to the ages! It's so frustrating. Best of luck with keeping up on your to-do list. I suggest looking up "cutest blog on the block" on Google for Blogger templates - they've got some seriously cute stuff on there, and they do design layouts for you if you want.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Mom! I'm glad you think we are good writers!

Jackie, I appreciate you reading my blog. I also read yours! :) And yes, my brain is mashed potatoes right now with this pregnancy. I get so frustrated when I can't remember simple things!

KAS, thanks for the encouragement and suggestion for cutest blog on the block. I have heard of them before but I don't think I've ever gone and checked them out. I will have to do that. Maybe one day I can spring for having them design a layout for me! That would be awesome!