Sunday, October 5, 2008


I am beginning to finally get to the point where I will be designating specific time during the week, probably just one day a week, to organizing and decorating my apartment. I feel like we might be finally finding our "groove" here in our schedules and as crazy as they may be, I'm going to start scheduling my time to include some organization and decorating time. It needs it and if I want to have company more often and be able to feel proud of my home, I need to do something with it other than just keeping it tidy.
I'll start with my office/den because that's what needs to most organization. I have all my Mary Kay stuff in there and that definitely needs to be better organized. I also want to set up a system for keeping better track of my bills and making sure they get paid on time. I've been late a couple of times lately with paying bills simply because I forgot and didn't have the bill in a place where I would see it and remember to pay it. I also need to start filing things away after I pay them. I'll have to get some office organizers to help me in this but I think it will be money well spent that will keep me more sane and on track. I read today online that in your office you should have a nice decoration or something pleasing to look at within 90 degrees either way of your computer screen to give your eyes something pleasant to rest on when they need a break from staring at the computer. Right now all we have is a poster Waylon wanted that has lots of guitar chords. It's a cool poster but it's not pretty or "pleasant to look at" really. I need to find a nice decoration or maybe hang some prints of Waylon and I on that wall. I think I also need a desk calendar with big boxes to write stuff in for important dates. I want to start keeping track of all my family and friends' birthdays, but I need somewhere visible that I would see regularly to keep that on. I want to start sending out Birthday cards for birthdays and anniversaries. Anyone who knows me, knows this will be a HUGE accomplishment as I have NEVER been good with cards!
The next room that needs decorating would be my living room. There are a couple of things on the wall but nothing really exciting. We even have a really cool long picture frame hanging over our TV...with no pictures in it! I hung it up there to get it out of the way, not thinking it would take me this long to put pictures in it. I want to give it a more "cozy" feel and I also want to decorate it for the upcoming fall seasons. I LOVE those decorations!!
The third room will be our "dining room" which doesn't have a lot to work with but I want to find either a nice big picture or wall art to hang over where our table sits, OR a set of several wall arts that go together that would look cute in an arrangement.
Third would be our bedroom. This will be last only because it's the room people see the least so it would just be for our own viewing, but it still needs to be decorated. We need some drapes to hang on our window, more wall decorations and just a little "something extra" to make it not so drab. We will be living here for a while since we're trying to get completely out of debt before getting into a house so I want to feel as at home as possible and make it as pleasant as I can to be in. I'm not a super artsy person to start with so I'm going to call on some friends who are really good at this stuff to help me out.
As I make progress, I will be posting pictures up of what I've done with each room; thus the title of my blog today: Preview. I'll probably take a before and after picture so you can see the difference too. It will be fun! You can also evaluate what I've done and give me suggestions if you see something that looks awkward - I will try to not take offense!! lol. jk, I WON'T because I know I'm not good at doing this so any suggestions are going to be welcomed.
So, here's to a new "beginning" in my apartment! Pray for me and keep those ideas coming!! Any money saving tips for organizing or decorating would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks for reading my blog!

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Betsy said...

So I'm waaay behind on this post but I wanted to give you a money saving tip on decorating-- Everything at Hobby Lobby goes on half off at some point every few months. When I was decorating I'd watch the ads for the stuff I wanted... One week the frames would be half off, the next week Wall Art was half off, etc. Have fun!