Sunday, September 28, 2008

Freaky Friday

Today I had my Mary Kay debut party...It was awesome! I had a lot of fun and I got to see some people I haven't seen in a long time and catch up and hook them up with some great products. It turned out really well. I think had been stressing over this all week without realizing it. I have a huge knot behind my right shoulder blade which I get when I'm stressed. Besides worrying about my debut party today, I have had a stressful week. Nothing in particular, just overall stressful for whatever reason. Which leads me to tell you about Friday morning...trying to get to work....
It all started when I decided that since it was one of our few jean days, I didn't need as much time to get ready so I would stay in bed an extra 15 minutes; we'll call that Mistake #1. Once I got up, I realized I still had to take Rowf out to potty, get my lunch ready and put on make up ---which as of late is taking longer since I'm making an effort to always look put-together no matter what I'm wearing. So...the time I finally left my house was 7:30. I NEVER leave the house that late...EVER. Once in my car, I decided that I would stop at McDonald's for a quick drive-thru breakfast since it was pay day and since there was a McDonald's "on the way" (which means it was right off an exit which also happens to be the WORST exit/area on loop 820 as far as traffic and bad lights goes). We'll call that Mistake #2. There was already really bad traffic on the highway which is not normal for a Friday but my rationale was that since I would be poking along on the highway, I might as well pull off and get something to eat since I would be going anywhere soon. I get to McDonalds and the drive-thru line is wrapping around the building so I go across the street to Chick-Fil-A for some of my favorite chicken minis. They also have the line that goes around the building. I decide to forgo breakfast as this point and get back on the highway (7 minutes wasted already). I go over to the access road to do so and what do I find? Another long traffic line to get on the freeway. I decide to stay on the access road and pass all this traffic up and get on at the next on ramp. This is definitely Mistake #3: after driving down this access road almost 2 miles, it felt, I come to find out that there is NO "next on ramp" -- you have one option: take a left across the high way and get back on it going the opposite direction. At this point, I'm getting really, really, really annoyed with how my morning is playing out. I look down the highway a while, in the direction I need to be going and see that the traffic doesn't let up as far as the eye can see. Great...I'm so angry at this point I could spit - in my own car!!! It's already 7:50 at this point which, on a normal day, I am already at school sitting at my desk checking my email. I finally get back on the highway going back to where I just came from, get back off, and do the u-turn and get back on going the right direction. I felt like I was going in circles; I was. After 20 minutes of going 5 miles and hour, we finally get to the "problem" holding up all the traffic: a semi, broken down in the middle lane of the highway just where it goes down to two lanes!! Perfect!! I finally get past all the rubber-necking and get on my way to school going a nice 80 miles an hour. It was test day and I needed to get their tests ready and write my board for the day, which I had left to do for that morning thinking that it was Friday and there wouldn't be traffic and I wouldn't have a hard time getting to work. I do end up stopping at a McDonald's very close to my school because at this point I'm angry and extremely hungry and slightly sleep deprived. I need my coffee and I need my country style chicken biscuit. I get both and eat on my way to school. When I drink my first drink of coffee, I feel warmness running down my hand. My coffee cup lid was "defective" and was leaking out the sides!!! GREAT!!!! now I had coffee all over my hands and then when I wiped it off on my seat, my hand felt sticky. It just got better by the minute. When I finally did get to school, two of my male students where standing outside the school and approached me about why I wasn't there early to help them study for their tests. They seemed disappointed. I felt bad -- I've let my students down on a day when they need me the most, test day. From the time I got into my classroom, everything got a little better. I was thankful for that, although still a little grumpy and a couple of students who decided to try to be smart with me got the raw side of me. Oh well, it's going to happen. I was just so glad the day ended by the time 3:48pm rolled around. I'm thankful this whole week is over. Next week can only get better...right??
So how was your Friday morning????
I'm going to go get some shut eye. I would like to put some pics up here of my apartment and some "married life" photos. I just have to take some, then I can post them! I've been slacking in the photography department. Sorry guys...
hasta luego!

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