Saturday, May 2, 2009

The 3D ultra sound pictures are here

So the moment you all have been waiting for is here. You can stop holding your breath! lol. We had our 3D ultra sound this morning and everything was fantastic! We are indeed having a girl which we are very excited about. So Brooklyn can continue to be called Brooklyn and I don't have to return anything or make any exchanges. She was very active and quite entertaining as you will see through the pictures. She made lots of faces including opening and closing her mouth a lot and sticking out her tongue. She's very fond of having her hands up in her face so we had to poke and prod her to try to get her to change positions and get a clearer shot. We were able to get some great video footage and pictures. It was such an amazing experience getting a glimpse of what she will look like and seeing her move while feeling it at the same time. Now I know what I'm feeling and can picture what is going on in there when I'm feeling kicking and shifting around. Her head is down so she's in the right position and not breech. So here are the pictures...enjoy!
One of her yawning spells

This one's a leg and foot - they are perfect!

Sticking that tongue out! She's going to be sassy!

very good profile shot

There she goes with her hands up in her face!

This was actually a video she took of her heart beating

her girl parts!!!

So there you have it - I'm going to try to upload a "short" video soon. I just tried and it was taking forever so I'm going to try it on a separate post. Hope you enjoy our pictures as much as we did. I totally can't wait now to see her in real life, it's going to be so exciting. Less than 11 weeks!!!


Aileen said...

I've enjoyed going back and looking at the pictures over again! I feel like I can see how she's going to look already :) Can't wait for her to get here!!!

Karen said...

So precious! I've never seen a 3d turn out so good before. She seems very animated! I love it!!

Melissa@MamaMonoblogs said...

I already saw these of FB but wanted to leave you another comment. I agree with mom, I think I can already picture what she's going to look like!