Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day - and some new photos...

Today I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day. I know it will be a completely different experience to celebrate it next year, when I actually have my baby in my arms, however, it was still very cool to be able to celebrate it as a mom-to-be. Technically, if you are pregnant right now, you are already a mother - you're just putting the finishing touches on him/her so that he/she is perfect when it comes out. I can't wait to be a mother to Brooklyn and hold her in my arms and see what my baby looks like and see what her personality is.

I also am reminded how wonderful my mother is and how much I appreciate her. She has put up with lots from me throughout my life and has always shown me unconditional love. She's an amazing mother and I love her so much and am so blessed that I was born to her. I also now have a wonderful mother-in-law who has been super supportive and helpful and caring since I married Waylon. Mitzi has always made sure I knew that she is here for whatever I need, whenever I need it. I'm so happy to have such an awesome mother-in-law and look forward to the many years ahead we have as a family together. Brooklyn will be surrounded by amazing grandmothers...and grandfathers too! :) We're just focusing on the grandmothers since it's Mother's Day. More on the grandfathers later...

Yesterday, after having lunch with my brother (Waylon was working till 2) I went by Baby's R' Us because I wanted to finally buy the baby book I've been looking at every time I go into that store. It's really cute and I took some pictures of the outside of it for you to see on here. The front has a place to put a picture of the baby in which I put her 3D ultra sound picture until she is born and I have a better picture. While my trip was successful in my purchase of the baby book. I had a dizzy/almost-fainting episode while I was there. As soon as I walked into the store I started getting light-headed and short of breath. So I sat down and rested for a few minutes. Then I got back up and walked over to the section with baby books and got dizzy and light-headed again, only this time the wave of nausea that comes before fainting hit me. I know and remember this feeling very well as I experienced it a couple years ago at a blood plasma donation center where I completely passed out cold at the desk after giving my blood plasma. I fell straight back and hit my head on the floor, further knocking me out. I "came to" to all the workers there surrounding me, holding my feet up, tapping really hard on my chest and asking me all sorts of questions. It was a horrible experience that ended with me being taken to the ER in an ambulance. So...back to Baby's R' Us...I start feeling that same feeling all over again so I scramble to the rocking chair section of the store and sit there for the next 10 minutes holding my baby book that I refuse to leave without purchasing. I call my mom while I'm sitting there, checking to see if they're back in town from their trip to see my grandparents. I was going to have my dad drop her off there if they were close and then she could drive me home. No such luck. So I reassure her that I will stay there until I feel good enough to drive and that I will call my brother to come get me if it came down to that. After a couple more minutes I finally got up and made it to the cash register where I started feeling weak again but made it through paying and got to my car. Once I was sitting in my car, I felt fine. It's the standing that gets me sometimes. Anyways, below are a couple of pictures of the baby book with Brooklyn's picture in the front. I think it's adorable and can't wait to fill it up with pictures and information.

I also wanted to post some pictures of me that I've taken recently. I'm getting quite huge, I feel. I'm 30 weeks and 3 days in the first 4 pictures (they were taken today - Mother's Day)

I like how in this picture, I look HUGE because the shirt billows out. :)

This pic was taken about a week and a half ago with my friend Stefanie. She is 10 weeks and due on November 21st. We are both really excited to be pregnant together as we were both in each other's weddings last year (our husbands were also grooms men in the weddings as well) and our weddings were 3 weeks apart! We are sharing a lot of the same life experiences together and it's been a lot of fun. Waylon pointed out how much bigger than her I am and he didn't just mean pregnancy bigger. He went on to say he just didn't realize how much bigger of a person I was than her! Sometimes guys don't think before they Luckily, I'm not so easily offended and am secure in my huge-ness. :) I know he didn't mean anything bad by it. I'm a big person and she's tiny - it's just life. I also happen to be a pretty gigantic pregnant person too! 

So there you have some newer pics of my "growing and glowing" self. If you're not pregnant and you're looking at these pictures, enjoy the fact that you have a normal feeling body right now. I have to say that the thing I miss the most about not being pregnant is just feeling normal and being able to function normally each day. Small things like bending down and picking something up off the floor are no longer easy. Neither is getting up from sitting on the toilet! It was a struggle this evening at Cheddar's who also happened to have a very low-seating toilet anyways. Another thing I miss is just being able to roll over in my sleep, breathe normally without feeling like I'm hyperventilating, not getting breathless after going up ONE flight of stairs (no, wait, I DID feel that before I was pregnant - that's just me being out of shape!), and many other every day things you do and don't think about how easy it is to do until you're pregnant and there's this huge stomach impeding you from doing them. Poor Waylon has had to help me up from the couch, bed, toilet...etc. more times than I'm sure he ever thought he would have to. Taking a shower is a big ordeal also. I move so slowly in there so that I don't lose my balance and slip and fall. That's more of a concern of Waylon's. He always worries that one day I'm going to fall in the shower and hit my head on the sink and he won't be there to help me. lol.

Well, I hope everything I just wrote wasn't TMI for any of my readers. Sorry I mentioned the toilet so much but I do spend a lot of time there now so it affects my life more. 

I'll leave you with one question that Waylon and I debated about today: when you hear the word "few", what range of numbers comes to mind? I won't tell you what my side was so that there are no partial answers. Tell me what you think though...and try to read my mind and put the same thing I was thinking! lol

peace out.

Happy Mother's Day!!


Lydia said...

I'm so sorry about your almost fainting spell at BRU. I'm glad you were able to find places to sit so you didn't pass out. I've had similar problems, for some reason in church it's the worst. When I was pregnant with Garrett, I almost passed out when I was checking out from a doctor's appointment. I literally laid across the receptionist's desk! I'm sure she loved me for it, but I knew I was going to pass out if I didn't do something.
The baby book is really cute! So fun to start filling those out.
The pictures are very cute too!
I'm laughing out loud over Waylon's comments because Keith has said similar things to me this pregnancy. I asked him the other day if a pair of maternity shorts were too short to wear out for breakfast and he said my stomach was so big it made the shorts look shorter than they actually are. But I'm like you, I don't get offended by stuff like that, unless he said it and I wasn't pregnant. Then I'd be offended and he would have been punched. :)
Not much longer and we'll both be back to "normal" and able to move around and sleep and eat like normal people. But we'll miss the little feet and hands punching our insides and making us wet our pants unintentionally. :)
I'm waiting to hear all about your baby shower!!

Aileen said...

Thanks for all the nice comments you made about me in your blog. That was very sweet and I appreciate it very much. I think you're going to be a wonderful mother too! As usual, your blog was pretty funny in certain areas!It won't be long until you'll be back to normal and be able to do all thing simple things that we don't even think about. You'll actually miss being pregnant one of these days I think! To me a few means maybe 3 or 4 of whateven you were thinking, I have no idea where you're coming from though!

Jackie's Little World said...

That's terrible that you're having dizzy spells. At least they do have a comfy rocking chair section at BrUs. And I looove that baby book!
Your pics are super cute...and I'd say a few is like...4.