Sunday, August 17, 2008


Quick blog: Things I need to do this week and some decisions I need to make that are kind of big...
1. Get my name changed - this is a must, we finally got our marriage license in.
2. Get organized for school and start writing some of my ideas down on paper - I have not done that yet and we go back tomorrow for in-service.
3. Brainstorm for ideas to get my women's book club started up again at church and make it better. Also find a good starter list of books to use.
4. Find the next song the women at my church can sing for a special.
5. Decide if I'm going to sign up to sell Mary Kay. They do a great job talking it up and making it sound like a great opportunity (which I do believe it is), however, it's not something that's cut out for everyone. I could use the extra money right now and I think it would be worth a try...I'll have to talk it over with Waylon to see if he agrees.
6. Finish organizing my apartment - yuck!
7. Find some good recipes for me to start cooking this week.
8. Begin reading "The Shack"
9. Enjoy being married!!
10...I've got nothing for this one.
good night,

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