Monday, August 25, 2008

Surviving the first day back to school...and more

Well, the first day back has come and gone and here I stand: breathing and alive! It was our first day on the semester schedule which was different since our class periods are shorter by 20 minutes and our lunch is 4th period instead of 3rd. We have 2 more teaching periods than last year so it feels like you are being really repetitive by the time 5th, 6th, and 7th periods roll around. I kept asking the kids by that point if we had already covered certain information because it felt like I had just talked about that five minutes before. That part was a bit tedious but we're past it now so it should be getting better from here on out. So far as I can tell I'll have great classes. I was looking forward to meeting the kids and they were all polite and quiet. I remind myself that we ARE on the first day that could change. I'm really hoping it doesn't change too much though! I also had my first day of cheer practice and I felt kind of useless there. When they had us break up into our squads and work on our cheer for the upcoming pep-rally, I really had no input...I don't know anything yet! After they had practiced a bit I asked them to practice "those lift things you were just doing" because they were having problems with it and they all looked at me like I had 3 eyes and corrected me in that they are "mounts" not lift things. lol. I felt a little stupid but they all laughed afterwards and moved on and no one seemed to remember it after 30 seconds. As I spend more time in there I will learn more terminology and figure out what is what. Until then, I'm just a warm body, gaping and the twists and flips and splits these little skinny girls can do. It's amazing to see what the human body can do when trained properly. I can't even touch my toes!! I feel very inadequate being their coach right now. I hope this will be the motivation I need to get back into shape. I will never be able to do the acrobatics they perform but it would be nice to be a little more fit around them. I look obese right now in their presence! ugh!!
I continue to learn the challenges of being married. It's been three weeks and I'm loving it but already seeing where some areas we're really going to have to work on in order to keep things running smoothly. I love Waylon and he has been a wonderful husband for a first timer! haha...we're both first timers, I just thought it was funny to say that. Anyways, I get all excited when I think about how we have the rest of our lives to spend together and get to know each other and see all the ways God is going to bless us and use us together. I really get excited when I think about our future children and how they will be and what they will grow up to be. It's really just a very exciting time of life. I hate that right now at the beginning of our marriage we are having to spend a lot of our evenings apart with him being in school and me working late, however, the time we do have together we do our best and being together and just enjoying one-another's company. I already feel at home with him and if I wake up in the middle of the night it's a huge comfort knowing he's right there beside me.OK, OK, OK...I'll shut up now!! I know some of you are wanting to barf right now b/c you have been married long enough to be past this little infatuation of mine or whatever you want to call it. :-) I just like to think about it and write about it and if you don't want to read it, you don't have to! lol. I hope you do though...hehe
I have biscuits in the oven and I need to make some gravy to go with them so...good night and have a great week!!

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