Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First week home as a Perryman

I'm a married woman, finally. I'm starting this blog because I want somewhere other than Myspace to write about the things I learn and go through as a newly married woman. I know there are going to be highs and lows, struggles and victories and that the road ahead isn't all roses and rainbows. I'm 27 years old and I'll be 28 in just a couple months. I've already been through a lot in my life, now I have someone to share all that with. I'm excited and sometimes scared if I'm really honest with myself, but mainly excited and extremely happy! I know God brought Waylon and I together and that he is the one I God has been preparing me for through my life. I love him so much and in the 7 years we have known each other we have been through our own ups and downs as friends and as significant others. Now we embark on a new path: husband and wife. He has already shown himself to be a loving and caring husband and I hope to be a godly wife to him and show him the love and care he deserves. With God's help I know our marriage is going to be the best thing in both our lives.
With that being said, I've already learned a few things about myself since being married. Before I was married, I lived with my parents. In fact, I have NEVER lived on my own and the longest I have gone without my parents would probably be 2 weeks. That's it. I know for most of you, that seems crazy, what with my being 27 and all. For me, it's just how life was. I was used to it. That's not to say I didn't want to move out, but the circumstances were never such where I really could afford it. So I stayed at home through 9 years of college, 6 majors, more jobs than I can really count on two hands and three dogs - two of which I still have. Now that I'm living in my OWN apartment, with my own stuff and the responsability of keeping a "home", a few things have changed as to how I see things. Suddenly, I feel more like my mom must have felt with me and my messy room. I suddenly have the urge to go around picking things up off the floor, using my handy vac, washing any dishes that are in the sink, and an array of other equally disturbing things. I am astounded at myself - and slightly frightened! If you know me, this is NOT normal behavior. Now, let me clarify something here. If you came into my apartment right now you would NOT see a perfectly immaculate place. I say that because compared to how I USED to be before marriage (I'll start referring to that as BM...so don't think I'm meaning bowel movement), my apartment is much, much, much cleaner and neater but not as clean or neat as some would think a "clean & neat" aparment should look. That being said, I still think it's much better than I ever saw it being. I'm proud of myself.
As a married couple only being "home" for 6 days, we have already gone through our first "crisis". Waylon went in to work yesterday and was immediately let go. Apparently the company isn't doing well and they are having to downsize. We had a financial plan already set up to put into effect in September and this threw me for a loop. (I'll get into more detail about our financial plan in a later blog, it's a great plan and I'm very excited about it.) This just goes to show that the verse in the Bible that talks about not knowing what tomorrow brings is so true. We make these plans for our future and often don't think that God could possibly have something different or even better out there for us. I have to admit that for a couple of hours I was freaking out. I didn't know how we would make the rent plus utilities PLUS my car payment, PLUS my credit card bills. I was downright panicking. But God is in control. Waylon was calm and on his way home picked up a newspaper and we hit the job listings. One thing Waylon is really good at is finding a job...quick. He found one yesterday and they hired him on the spot! He started today! God IS IN CONTROL!!! If everything works out the way they say, he will be making as much or more than his last job which was a very good paying job! Crisis averted!
Well, I would like to write more, however, Waylon has already gone to bed and has to get up pretty early tomorrow and I want to spend a little time with him before he drifts off to sleep...and I have a book I really want to get started reading. :-)
I hope to really get some use out of this blog. I really feel that blogging about my personal discoveries in marriage isn't Myspace material, no offense to myspace because I love it. I also like what my sister has started with her blog so I want to do the same here. I'm a copycat!
With that, I'm signing off.
Stephanie Perryman

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