Saturday, August 30, 2008

Something new...

So I made the decision to sell Mary Kay. Yes, I did it. I'm shocked myself at the fact that I'm doing this so please save the negative comments if you have any. :-/ This is my year for trying new things...cheer sponsoring, getting married (lol...I'm not trying that out, it's just new), selling Mary's kind of scary! I hope I make it through the year without dying of exhaustion! Anyways, for any of you ladies living around me and anyone you know who likes to buy Mary Kay products, let them know that I sell now. My personal website is: and you can actually order from that website. I am going to try to do most of my selling with just word of mouth, passing out books and letting women know that I'm selling it. I don't like the idea of pressuring someone to host a party when they really don't want to. I've had that done to me before and it isn't a good feeling. Mary Kay doesn't have any quotas I have to meet so I'm free to sell however I want to. I might have a "debut party" which is just an invite to get all the women I know to come over for a party to let them know I'm selling now. (it kind of sounds like I'm talking about drugs when I put it that way) Anyways, I just wanted to put up this information on here and let everyone know that I am selling MK. I've already had a couple women at work and a couple of friends say they would buy from me so that was encouraging. :) Thanks girls!!
In other news...
I made it through the first week of school and my first game with the cheerleaders. The week went well, no problems with any students and no screw ups on my part! Score! lol. I had been really worried about what kind of classes I would be getting and hoping that they would be well behaved and so far, I've got that. I know a lot of them won't show their true colors for another week or so but I do have some genuinely nice kids who I think were just raised to be nice and polite. I also have several who wrote on their student data forms that they really are excited about taking Spanish and that they have high goals for their grades. That's always a good thing to hear about your's really encouraging. Sabrina (the other Spanish 1 teacher) and I have gotten ahead on our lesson planning which is awesome. It feels good to be ahead of the game on that front. My only concern at this time is finding time for grading. I have to go straight from my classroom to cheer practice Monday-Wednesday from 4-6 and then Thursdays are our game days which requires me to be at both JV games (There is a JV Blue team and a Gold team). That's a long day! Our game this past Thursday was in Wichita Falls and I didn't get home until midnight! Needless to say I was exhausted on Friday morning when I woke up. Today I also had to get up early for our fundraiser serving breakfast at 7:30am. I'm thankful this was the 2nd of three fundraisers that will be held on Saturdays (at least to my current knowledge). I don't mind doing that work though because it's paying for my trip to Florida in January. ;-) Plus, I'm getting paid extra for doing this and I have to admit it has been sorta fun. The girls are all pretty nice and sweet and fun and I get a kick out of watching them do all their tumbling and stunts. (look at me, using all the right terminology! oh yeah!)
I'm excited we got paid yesterday because now I can go buy some real food. We've been eating so much macaroni and cheese and ramen noodles and frozen dinners. I'm actually looking forward to cooking something and having a good, non-frozen meal for a change. I've cut out lots of coupons to use and made my grocery list and marked the food I have a coupon for so I don't forget to use them. I'm going to become the coupon queen! I want to find the grocery stores that double and triple the coupons and go there too. Long live the coupons!
We swept and mopped the kitchen, hallway, dining room and "dog closet" (i.e. washer/dryer closet with no washer/dryer in it) today. Wow! I didn't even notice the floors were that dirty. The main part we wanted to clean was the dog closet b/c it was beginning to smell like urine and doggy doo-doo. ugh! It took a while after mopping twice for the smell to completely go away. I think we need to find a better place to put the dogs. We are still going back and forth about what to do with Daphne. She has her good days and then her bad days and most mornings are really frustrating with her. I set my alarm to about 6:20ish and without fail she wakes up and starts whining and howling about 15 minutes before I have to get up! It's so frustrating!! Why can't she just be quiet in her kennel and wait till we get up?? We always let her out as soon as we're out of bed, it's the same routine everyday but she's not catching on. She just whines anytime she wants something. It's really annoying. So...we're still trying to decide. Waylon is completely ready to get rid of her, no doubts about it. I still have my doubts and feel bad every time I think about it. So if anyone knows of anyone who wants a dog and would take good care of her, let me know. I'd love to give her to someone who has time and energy and desire to have her and would love her and give her a good home.
Now, I'm really tired and need to get a little rest before going to practice. Thanks for reading again!

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