Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's my name?

The name change ordeal has begun. I had been waiting for our marriage license to come in and it did last week. I've been carrying it around with the intention of getting my new social security card change, drivers license, bank account, work stuff and teacher certification stuff changed...but hadn't done a single thing with it...until yesterday! I took the first step towards making me a Perryman on paper: I changed my name at my bank! I'll be getting new checks and a new debit card with my new name! I can't wait, it's going to finally start looking official. My school has already changed my name on the master schedule so my students will have Mrs. Perryman on their schedule. My mail box at work also already has Perryman on it. It is an odd feeling not seeing Woolbright.'s a long journey with many steps but I will get there one day!
On the subject of school...the week has really flown by for me. It's been a good week. I got the room change that I requested so I will be upstairs, closer to my fellow Spanish 1 teacher and out of the roach and mouse infested room I was in. Not that the other room was a horrible room in and of itsself, the location was great, right by an exit where I could park right around the corner and see my car from my window. I'll miss that part, but I'm still more happy upstairs. I'm also closer to the lunch room with the refrigerator. Another perk about the new room is it doesn't have a zillion papers left over from the teacher before me and I have A LOT more shelf space which I hardly had any of in the other room. Overall it's going to be a great move. The only problem at this point is that I didn't move my stuff from my old room to the new room until TODAY at the END of the day! Don't ask me why I waited this irritates me. There was a lot going on and we were getting lesson plans ready and stuff but still, I wish I hadn't waited until today. I'll have to stay late tomorrow probably to finish decorating it and getting everything exactly the way I want it and even then it probably won't be complete for another 3 weeks while I work out all the kinks. I'm excited though.
I found out that the first game I'll be performing my "cheer sponsor" duties at is an away game in Wichita Falls. This requires me to leave school at 2:00pm and miss 6th and 7th periods. I also get to ride on a bus that is designated ONLY for the JV Cheerleading squad which for some reason was funny to me. There will be plenty of space...that's for sure! I think there was mention of the possibility of taking a "short bus" which I think would be a better option. I'm looking forward to going to the practices next week and beginning my duties as their coach. It's kind of exciting. :-)
Do you know what else is exciting? I get PAID tomorrow! I have NEEDED this paycheck since about the the week after I got it! Half of my last paycheck went to last-minute wedding expenses and we have been living off what was left over after my bills were paid and what little Waylon had left over after wedding expenses and tuxedos and the honeymoon expenses. We were running very low on mula so I'm very, very, very excited about getting paid tomorrow and hoping the new raise for the next year will be on it. That would be fantastic!
I have had no luck with getting Daphne adopted. Everytime I think about it, I get sad and feel bad. I would rather give her to a family or person I know will take care of her, but no one I know wants her. She hasn't been so bad lately though (as I say this Waylon is having to get up and go to our room and get the dogs out after they have sneaky-ly opened our door and gotten in). Maybe she knows something's up?? Poor thing. They are very cute together when they start playing or fighting. It will be wierd not seeing her little perky ears around if we end up giving her up for adoption. I have found a local adoption agency that is supposedly a "no kill" agency but have not had the guts to call them yet. I'm a wuss. I would really just rather he behavior get all better and not have to get rid of her at all...this is unrealistic since I'll be spending even LESS time with her starting next week. Oh well, a girl can dream, right?
We have a praise, which I chose to leave till the end to make sure that end on a positive note: Waylon has a job. This one is legitimate. It's an hourly wage with set hours that work perfectly with his school schedule. It's nearby also. He will be reading water meters for one of the neighboring cities. He will walk 5-7 miles daily and he's really working forward to that part...NOT! lol. He is happy to have the job though and it was a huge relief to me. He filled out all the paperwork today and found out he will have benefits as well, something he hasn't had in a long time at a job. He has a couple of interviews between today and Monday when he has his first day on the job so something phenomenal might pop up between now and then but at least we have a guaranteed job! Praise the Lord! I knew God would provide and He did and it didn't take very long. I hate to admit it but the thought popped through my head that God may put is through a test right up front to test our faith in Him by allowing Waylon to not find a job for several months and us have to live on one salary. I know it's unrealistic since he actually could get A job, maybe not a good paying one, but a job none-the-less. God still may be putting us through a test that we don't even know about as of yet, but I'm glad it doesn't include Waylon NOT having at least a decent paying job. :-) I do get stressed out when I think of even the possibility of not having ends meet on any given month. It gives me knots in my back.
So...there was a little update on our lives as of late. The apartment still isn't pristine like I would like it, but we are working on it. I plan on cleaning the bathroom and sweeping and mopping the kitchen this weekend...GASP! Try to stay composed people, yes, this is Stephanie talking. ;-) I'm learning what it feels like to take pride in how the place you live looks like. It's a humbling experience. la-dee-da!!
It's 10:10 and I need to get in bed so I'm not exhausted tomorrow when I'm going to have to be doing all my setting up in my room.

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