Sunday, November 23, 2008

nausea and other cool things about my pregnancy

So now that I'm passed six weeks, I'm starting to feel the real effects of pregnancy. For the past three days I've had a pretty much constant stream of nausea. Friday got bad enough at school to where I had to finally sit at my desk and ask the kids to come to me to have me initial their work. Yesterday, I had it pretty bad in the morning (no throwing up though) and then off and on for the rest of the day. Today has been the worst by far. This morning was pretty bad getting up and ready for church, then at church when we were practicing our music I was pretty nauseous and couldn't sing without getting out of breath and needing to stop singing. By the time church started though it had gotten a lot better and I was able to sing through the entire service. I still felt pretty nauseaus though and it never fully went away. We had our church Thanksgiving meal tonight so I decided to make green bean casserole and stuffing for it. In order to make that, I needed to make a trip to Walmart, which required a call to my mom to go with me since Waylon was going to the shooting range this afternoon with the guys. Off we went to Walmart and got that trip done pretty quick without me up-chucking. I was very thankful for my mom being willing to come over and take me. Thanks mom!! For the rest of the afternoon until about 5, I laid on the couch and watched new episodes of Heroes on Netflix through our XBOX 360 which was pretty cool. I hadn't watched ANY of this new season and on our Netflix we have the option to watch instantly from our queue. I would be watching it now but Waylon invited my brother and my cousin Paul over to watch a movie through our Netflix so I'm kicked off it for now. I'm still feeling nauseaus though...ugh. There are a couple of other negative symptoms my pregnancy is bringing on that I won't go into detail over except to say that one is very painful everytime I have to go to the bathroom and the other is in my upper half of my body and it's something that I'm afraid will keep being sore and hurting for a while until after I have the baby even. These are not pleasant and I'm not thrilled about them. My mom keeps telling me to relish all this though because the end result is something I will never regret going through this for. I agree with her completely, it's just hard to relish nausea but I will try to do it in the best spirit I can!

Our church Thanksgiving meal went really well tonight. There was SO MUCH FOOD!!! That's something our church is really good at proving - no one will ever go hungry. One part I enjoyed a lot was talking to to of the younger girls in our church who are also pregnant right now. One is a new girl who has begun coming since our door hangers have gone out in the past month. Her, her husband and daughter have started coming to our church and have been a nice addition to the church family. She's due with her second little girl on December 3rd - so she's really close. The other girl pregnant is one of our members, Crystal and she is due in April. Then there's me, due in July. So we have three different phases of pregnancy represented in our church. The three of us sat at a table after eating and talked about pregnancy and marriage. They of course, had much more to say about pregnancy having both had kids already. I listened intently of course enjoying all the stories! It was nice to have someone to talk to who really does relate to you directly about everything you are going through! I know my family is so excited for me but at the same time I don't want to kill them with pregnancy talk so it's nice to have some preggo's around to talk to. I also have two cousins who are pregnant right now as well: Lydia and Grace and we talk through our blogs and myspace and email since neither of them live around me. I feel good having so many pregnant women in my life to be able to go to with any questions and concerns and stuff. It's really comforting for me. I'd love for my sister to be pregnant too!! I think she might like that too. :)

I did something yesterday that I never thought I would enjoy, until I got married. I went and saw a movie at the theatre ALONE! lol. I know it probably doesn't sound like that big of a deal. Used to when I would see people at theatres alone (back when I was single) I found it so depressing. I wondered why anyone would ever want to do that. After yesterday, I think it's going to be something I do every once in a while, especially with movies I know Waylon won't want to see, like Twilight, which is what I saw yesterday at 11:50 am after going to have lunch at Waylon's work. I've read the entire Twilight series and loved it so I was really excited about seeing the movie. I knew Waylon wouldn't want to see it and I didn't know anyone else my age who had read the series and wanted to see the movie so I decided since I was over at his work which is near a cheap theatre I would stop by and see if there were any showings around that time. It just so happened that a showing had just started and I didn't miss even a minute of the movie itsself. It was a very enjoyable experience and I was able to enjoy the movie without worrying if Waylon was enjoying it or not. That's one thing we don't always agree on, which movie to go see. He is pretty picky about movies and I'm much easier to please when it comes to that. If a movie is entertaining, that's all I care about. Waylon likes it to be realistic and have a deep plot and all that. I mean, I'm not saying I don't enjoy well made movies, I do; I just don't discard a movie entirely if it didn't come together in every aspect, and Waylon does. lol. He's quite the movie critic. :)

I think I'm going to stop here because my right arm is starting to get tired. I'm going to try to keep up with my blog more often than I have. I've just been feeling so tired all the time that I haven't wanted to expend the mental and physical energy to write a worthwhile blog. lol. I'm sorry! Thank you for reading and sticking around for me. I hope to keep up with many of my new experiences as a preggo!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



Lydia said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so nauseous! I hope that you won't suffer with it as much as Grace has. I know she lost 10 pounds in the first couple of months with this pregnancy because she was so sick. I've not had much nausea but when it does hit, I try to take deep breaths and also nibble on a saltine cracker. That seems to help. Hopefully it will pass soon for you.
As for the upper body soreness, it will eventually subside some. It doesn't stay that sore throughout the entire pregnancy, or atleast you get used to it. :) I thought I was on fire when I was pregnant with Garrett, but this pregnancy that "area" hasn't been nearly that painful.
It is fun to swap pregnancy stories with other pregnant women. Unfortunately I don't know any other pregnant women around me, so you and Grace are it for me. When I was pregnant with Garrett I had a couple of friends at church who were pregnant at the same time. It was fun to share ultrasound pictures and now our kids are together in the nursery and SS classes.
So did you like the Twilight movie? I loved the books, but you never know if the movie will live up to the book or not.

Melissa@MamaMonoblogs said...

Welcome to the preggo world! The nausea etc should pass by the first trimester.Eating small meals and snacks all day should help. Also, don't eat a lot of fatty or "heavy" foods b/c that could contribute as well. When your nauseous the last thing you want to do is eat but that is the BEST thing.Try to snack on nutritious food too. Not only will it help alleviate the nausea but also give you energy.Peppermint flavored stuff as well as the scent of peppermint is known to also curb nausea.Donielle at Naturally Knocked up has a lot of good info on pregnancy. Check out her tags related to pregnancy. It would be fun to be pregnant together. Maybe that will happen in the near future;-) I have always been pregnant with someone.It is nice to be able to compare notes and talk about how you're feeling. Hang in there! It should start getting fun in the next couple of months. Love ya!

Aileen said...

Hang in there Steph! You're going to make it just fine! I didn't mind going to Walmart at all with you. I think you'll feel better once the first trimester is over.