Sunday, November 30, 2008

My pseudo-Thanksgiving post...with an update on other stuff too

Lest you think I'm not thankful because of my lack of a "Thanksgiving post", I actually spent a long time Friday typing one up, even posted a cute picture of Waylon and I after decorating our Christmas tree and then when I clicked on "publish post" it said there was an error and to hit the back button on my computer. So I did that and yea, the whole post was gone! I was so irritated I just decided not do retype it. So now I'm going to do a pseudo-thanksgiving with other stuff post.

Our Thanksgiving did go very well. We went down to Waco to spend the day with Waylon's extended family. We had a great time. There was TONS of food and lots of people too. I did feel sick for a good portion of the day but since we were at a good sized home, I was able to lie down a lot. That helped. It was our first Thanksgiving as a married couple and I really enjoyed it. We spend Wednesday night with my parents for Thanksgiving and just went out to eat. That DIDN'T go so well for me as far as eating went. We went to On the Border and I did fine eating chips and salsa and tortillas. When our plate got there, it was a different story. I took one bite of my cheese quesadilla and my stomach churned and I knew there would be no enjoying that meal. I ate tortillas for the rest of the evening and it was downhill from there. We went back to my parents where I curled up on the couch with some pillows and a blanket and watched a movie on my brother's laptop. I felt a lot better after lying down, but felt really bad for being such a downer at our Thanksgiving time with my family.

I have to say that as far as my pregnancy goes, this week has been the worst in terms of how I have felt physically. I have had nausea for most of the day, everyday and have had to stay in bed a lot. As much as I like sleep, I was really looking forward to this week off to do a little Christmas shopping and buy a few more decorations for my house for Christmas and really get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy Thanksgiving day. While I DID enjoy having this week off, I felt yucky most of the time. I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow. If I had an office job, it would be much easier to face. I could go in, sit at my desk and work at my own pace and not worry about other people. As a teacher, I have to be "on" all day, keeping kids attention and dealing with mis-behavior. I don't see that working out well for me while being nauseous and tired all day. This will be a big test of my fortitude. I suspect I'll be puney and pathetic though, unfortunately. One thing I do know: if they DO try to give me trouble, they're going to be spending a lot of time in the office because I don't have the energy to fight with them right now. It'll just be out with the trouble-makers. One thing I've found to help the nausea is eating. constantly. I'm not used to that so I have been having to scrounge around the house to find things to eat when the nausea sets in. Tonight I went to Walmart with my mom and picked up a lot of food. I got a lot of fruit because that's what's been sounding good to me. I've already eating a plum and an orange. I hope the fruit will fix another problem I have been having lately...that I won't go into detail about. :) (you're welcome) On top of the pregnancy sickness I've also come down with a bad cold. I've had sinus congestions, sneezing, coughing, headache and sore throat. The only thing my doctor will let me take, Sudafed, doesn't seem to do much for me. That has made me feel worse I think than I would have if I had only had the pregnancy symptoms.

Amidst all my sickness, Waylon has come down with the flu. He woke up last night around 3:30am and he had it coming out of both ends. sorry the the TMI...So we're just a pathetic couple of people right now. He's still having issues tonight, though no vomiting. I feel for was horrible sounding last night - like he was being tortured while throwing up. I had never heard anything like it. (not that I've heard tons of people throwing up or anything)

To make all matters "better" we're down to one car right now because Waylon's car broke down last Sunday and we still don't have it fixed. It's supposedly going to cost around $1000 to do so. We're contemplating fixing it or just getting another cheap car. We paid $1500 for the car so I feel like $1000 to fix a car that we only paid $1500 for would be like buying the car all over again. It's frustrating and I don't know what we're going to do about it but we do have some friends who have a truck they aren't using that's in really good condition so I think we're going to use it until we can either get Waylon's car fixed or get another car.

Right now I just want to get through the next three weeks of school and then we have our 2 week Christmas break. I'm REALLY looking forward to that! Hopefully I won't be as sick during that break - that would be nice to be able to enjoy it a little more. I'll be nearing the end of my first trimester (Praise the Lord!!!) and will be looking forward to having more energy and less sickness...and finally seeing my belly grow from the baby and not from the food I'm eating. :)

Well, I'm going to stop here. I need to get ready for bed and prepare myself mentally for tomorrow. yuck.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week of Thanksgiving!!



Aileen said...

Steph, I had to laugh at your blog! I know you don't think there's too much to laugh about right now, but your blog had some humor! I do hope you feel better tomorrow. Take one hour at a time and don't think too much about it. I know that's easier said than done.

Karen said...

Try preggie pops. You can get them at Motherhood Maternity. I got the candy form, not the suckers... they helped me with the nausea some. I had nausea so bad during my first trimester and then again at the beginning of my third. Also, ask your doctor to give you some meds for it!!! I took Ondansetron Odt, (I just got that name off the bottle just now, I think it might be the cheaper brand to something else). Anyways... it helped SOOOO much along with eating all day and the preggie pops.

Lydia said...

I'm glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving, but I'm sorry you're feeling so badly. I will say that I avoid Mexican food at all costs when I'm pregnant. It has never been good to me. Especially when I'm bigger pregnant, then it gives me horrendous heartburn. Hopefully being back at school will help to distract you a little from the morning sickness and you'll be able to make it through the days without too many problems. I think that helped me a lot with Garrett. I knew I "couldn't" be sick and I was also too distracted to dwell on it. I'll predict you're having a girl. I'm sure you'll prove me wrong, but it seems like with most women, the worse the morning sickness, the more often it's a girl. Of course Grace is probably having a boy and she'll totally ruin my theory. She finds out next Monday what she's having, by the way! Keep us posted on how things are going for you now that you're back in school.

Melissa@MamaMonoblogs said...

Sounds like a fun Thanksgiving!! Sorry to hear you are all sick. Sounds a lot like how our Thanksgiving went. Just remember that this nauseous time will pass. The preggy pops are a good idea as well eating constantly. GET SOME GINGER TEA!!! I drink the Yogi tea brand and it tastes good and is really soothing. They have tea that helps digestion and heartburn etc and the ginger tea is for nausea. You could drink it all day long. It's non caffeinated and totally natural. Try it!!! Hope you can enjoy this special time of year since it includes so many firsts. Love ya!

p.s LOL I'm laughing b/c the captcha word I have to type in to leave my comment is -moodiper. Funny!!