Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yes, I'm pregnant

As you can see at the top of my new page, I am pregnant...5 weeks to be exact. My old blog site would not allow me to post a baby ticker that shows the progress of my baby so I switched sites. I'm still trying to figure out how to import blogs onto here though so that might take some time. Waylon and I are very excited about this new bundle of joy that will be joining us in just 9 months. I could not believe it when I saw the two lines on the pregnancy test! We had only been trying for about a month and a half! It's such a surreal feeling when you find out for the first time as I'm sure the experienced moms out there already know. I started freaking out! Of course, I found out while Waylon was at work so Rowf was the only one there to celebrate with me. He was a good companion though as he gets excited about anything. I will be posting more later but right now I'm going to rest from blogging a bit as I have been working on this all morning trying to figure out how to import my old blog and have not been able to yet. Thank you for reading and I look forward to keeping a regular blog on here!



Mini Cakes for Many Occasions* said...

Yay!!! I am so happy for you guys! Love, Lauryn

Melissa@MamaMonoblogs said...

I like your layout! It's really cute. Your tickers are neat too. I hope tyepad allows me to put a ticker on my page when the time comes! LOL

Aileen said...

I like your new blog site. I'm looking forward to keeping up with your pregnancy too!

Karen said...

Now we definitly need to meet up for coffee (decaf of course). :) Congrats!!

I think Blakely is excited too, because she is kicking me at the moment. She is hoping for a cute boyfriend. ;)

Guess Family said...

Congratulations!!! As new parents ourselves we wish you all the best!!