Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my little bean!

So I went in for the ultra-sound today at noon. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be because I had some other "pressing" issues on my mind...like the fact that I had just drank 25 ounces of water in less than an hour (they asked me to drink 32 and I just couldn't make it) and I had to pee like a racehorse!! That's all I could think about! I was squirming around in my seat trying to find a position that didn't put as much pressure on my bladder but that was to no avail. When I finally got in to see the ultra sound tech, it wasn't any better - he was pressing down so hard with the little ultra sound thing that I thought I would just pee right on him! lol. But he said everything looks the way it should. Baby Perrymam (my little bean) is just a tiny little thing inside a dark spot that could be seen on the ultra sound. I have pictures to show of course and I'm so proud of my little "dark spot" on the screen! lol Here he/she is!!

My baby is that dark round circle - everything around it is my uterus and the big dark area right above it is my very full bladder!

Here is a picture at a different distance. What a perfect little embryonic sac! lol. You can't even see the embryo because it's so early. They said I'll have another ultra-sound done in a couple of months and I'm really looking forward to that one because there will be a lot more to see!

After the doctor's office we went to lunch with my parents, did some laundry over there, went to Walmart for a few items then came home where I crashed. I was exhausted! I think the stress and worry I was feeling last night coupled with just the physical tiredness you get with pregnancy all came down on me at once. All I wanted was my bed...and Rowf curled up next to me. It was perfect.

Now I'm going to actually cook dinner, something I haven't done in probably well over a month, or more. I'm using the recipe of a friend from work and I'm really excited about it. We're having baked Salmon with baja chipotle marinade, parmesan couscous and a vegetable...haven't decided which, probably something canned. Now that cheerleading has slowed down I feel like I may have the desire to cook more and I need some extra healthy meals to consume!

well, for now, that's all I'm going to write. I think the fish is done thawing so I'm going to go check on that. Thanks for all the prayers, I really do appreciate them. I thank God who was watching over me and is always in control no matter how out of control I feel. We always lose sight of what He has done for us and what He will do for us when we put our faith in Him.

Good night!



Aileen said...

I'm glad you're feeling better now. I didn't think there was anything to worry about, but I know that's easier said than done. I hope you have a restful night. Love you. mom

Melissa@MamaMonoblogs said...

Such a cute sac!Awww, it totally looks like you

Karen said...

be careful what you wish for... I couldnt wait till I was showing either, now I think please dont let this tummy get any bigger. Dont get me wrong, I want Blakely to grow inside, I just wish I didnt have to expand along with her. :)

Heather said...

Congrats! We are very happy for you.