Thursday, July 23, 2009

1 week and 1 day old!

I know, I know...I've totally dropped the ball on updating my blog since Brooklyn's arrival. It's been very hectic around here and I just haven't had the time I wanted to dedicate to my first post-partem blog post! So here it is. I've started it and re-started it several times because I got into too much detail and even I was getting bored with the post so I decided to keep this one clean and simple with a few updates and pictures. That will make everyone happy I think!

So here we are, Brooklyn is 1 week and a day old and as happy as a clam! She is a very healthy eater and after having lost almost a pound in the hospital, has gained it all back. She was born 9lbs 6oz and when we left on Saturday from the hospital she was 8lbs 10oz. By the time we went in for her first check up on Monday, she was back up to 9lbs 3oz so she definitely didn't go hungry over the weekend! Part of that is because I only breast fed in the hospital and she just wasn't getting enough. The last day, I was so sore from all the nursing (my right side was even bleeding! yikes!) that I requested some bottles to feed her with. They gave me six pre-made 2oz bottles that I fed her the rest of that day. Well, after I saw how well she was taking those, I went out and bought some formula and made the immediate decision that I would breast feed and supplement with formula feeding. There was just no way I could do the breast feeding only. I do want her to get the benefits of the breast milk here in her earliest stages so I will continue to do that, but not for too much longer. It's just not for me. I don't enjoy it and it's so time-consuming. Now I basically try to at least get her to feed on 1 side for about 15-20 minutes and then I give her 2oz of formula in a bottle. She has yet to have a hard time switching between breast and bottle so I'm happy with that. The doctor was very happy with her weight gain and I just felt that it really was because I bottle fed her. I'm not going to feel guilty for not breast feeding her either. I know many kids (myself included) that did not breast feed and came out completely healthy! Anyways, one thing I do have to say about the breast feeding is that when your milk comes in - DANG!!!! It hurt so stinking bad! And it came in on Sunday morning when I wanted to go to church to show Brooklyn off. There was no way I could go to church; I was feeling feverish and hot and sore all over from my milk coming in. It was crazy. So me, Waylon and Brooklyn stayed home at my parents and didn't make our grand appearance at church...yet. This Sunday she will have her first trip to church and I'm looking forward to taking her and showing her off.

So far, since being home from my parents (we spent 3 nights there and it was wonderful having all the help from them), life has been pretty good, while be it, hectic and sleepless. I am constantly in amazement that this little bundle of beauty is my own child. Her daddy and I will sometimes just sit and watch her and talk about how pretty and cute she is and how no guy will ever be good enough for her! Her daddy has been amazing through this entire process of delivery to bringing her home and helping take care of her. He has really stepped up and shown how wonderful of a dad he's going to be and already is. I'm so proud of him! He has spent lots of time sitting with her and letting her sleep on his stomach and in his lap and has already changed his fair share of dirty diapers. That was a shocker! Our little lady has quite a few poopy diapers, let me tell you! But we don't mind changing them. Everything about her just makes me so happy and in awe of how God makes human life form inside of us and out comes this perfect, precious little child. It's truly amazing and awesome.

Our little (or I should really say, big) girl is already trying to lift her head on a regular basis and succeeds at it several times. She also is developing her cry quite well; you don't want to let her fuss for too long for her bottle or her fussing will change to a definite cry of downright anger! She smiles in her sleep a lot and when she's awake makes all sorts of cute faces, including my favorite - when she puts her mouth into an "o" and opens her eyes really wide like she's surprised. It's hilarious and so cute!! I'll have to try to get a picture of her making that face sometime.

I'm going to have to wait to post the pictures on here until I have a little more time. I'm going to go ahead and post this because I've been trying to do it for an entire week! I just want to post it and get it over with - it's been hanging over my head!
Now you've officially heard from me and you will hopefully be hearing from me more often once I start getting more settled in. I will also post pictures very soon. It will probably be a post entirely of pictures. Sorry this one doesn't have any...


Grace said...

You should be sorry it took you so long to write this post. I mean it's not like you can possibly be busy doing anything. Newborns are so easy to take care of, you should have all the time and energy in the world! I'm sure you can sense my sarcasm. :) I'm so glad to hear that things are going so well for you guys! Brooklyn sounds like a complete sweetie and I think you are being very smart about the whole feeding thing. Breastfeeding is tough and definitely not for everyone. No point in punishing yourself by either forcing it when you don't want to or beating yourself up over quitting. I'll admit I felt much happier and more settled with Tyler after I quit breastfeeding.

Aileen said...

You finally got your first blog out. I know how hard it is with a baby to get alot of things done. It will get better the farther you go and the more adjusted to get to having Brooklyn around. I found that when I had a baby my mind was always consumed with the baby and it was hard to do alot of things. You're doing great though and things are falling into place quite nicely!

Ashlee said...

Yes Stehpanie don't beat yourself up on the breastfeeding vs bottlefeeding. With each of my kids I think it was shorter and shorter on the breastfeeding. It can a real emtional thing. I think I would cry everytime I had to feed Madison cause it hurt so bad.

Melissa @Simply Mel (Formerly Mama Monoblogs) said...

I'm glad you posted this! You must be so happy to be home enjoying your new baby and home. How exciting. she's a sweetie!