Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby update

So today was unexpectedly my last regular doctor's visit. After my ultra sound indicating that Brooklyn is around 8.5 pounds and being dialated to almost a 2 for the cervical exam, my doctor decided to set a date for my induction. She doesn't want me to go past my due date because of Brooklyn's size so she said she would call the hospital to set the date for Thursday, the 16th which is my official due date. If the hospital was too full on that day, she would set it for Wednesday the 15th. This is all assuming Brooklyn doesn't come on her own before then - which I hope she does. So later in the afternoon they called to confirm that my induction was scheduled for Wednesday at 6am! I'm so excited! That's just a week from tomorrow that I will for sure have my baby! I'm going to do everything I possibly can to get things going before then and hopefully go into labor on my own, but even if I don't, at least I know I only have a week left. I was so relieved when I left my doctor's office. I did have some heavy bleeding afterwards which alarmed me b/c I haven't had a drop of blood this entire pregnancy. It seemed like a lot to me so I called Labor and Delivery to see what they thought and they said if the bleeding stayed heavy like that, I needed to come in, but if it stopped, it was just the normal bleeding that happens after a cervical check. Well, the bleeding stopped. I kind of got my hopes up thinking I might just go right into labor today but that didn't happen...or hasn't YET! lol. Needless to say my parents are very excited as are Waylon's parents. We're all ready to meet this little chubster and I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore! I'm also excited that she is a good size. I know that the weight they give from ultra sounds is an estimate and can be off by a pound or so BUT, this technician is an older guy who has been doing this for a long time AND he's the same guy who did the ultra sound on a girl in our church who just had her baby in April and he said her baby would be 8.5 lbs at birth and she was 8.45 so he has shown to be very accurate. I believe him too. My belly was measured at 42 cm and you are supposed to measure in cm how far along you are in weeks, which I'm almost 39 weeks. So I think she really is going to be big. In the ultra sound pictures he couldn't even get good shots b/c she was so cramped! Poor thing, her feet were both up on either side of her head and she just looked so uncomfortable. For her sake, I hope she comes sooner than Wednesday. 

Now I will be obsessing and thinking only of this until it happens and I'm sure the days will drag by. I still have to install her car seat in the car and pack my hospital bag and put up the curtains in her nursery (which isn't all that important at this point as she won't be sleeping in there for a while). I think I need to go to the library and find a really good book to read so when I find myself completely bored this week I have something to read to keep my mind off the waiting. 

I will keep everyone updated through here or Facebook via my sister if anything happens before then. I will have my computer at the hospital but I don't know if there will be wireless internet available. We'll see. 

For now, I'm going to go eat cause I'm starving and look up anything I can do to go into labor by myself - so far there is castor oil (gross), fresh pineapple, walking, another method we all know of that I won't mention (lol), and nipple stimulation (they say you can use a breast pump for this). We'll see if I actually do any of these. I will definitely try the walking (already did some today at the mall) and maybe go buy a pineapple and some castor oil. I'd rather go into it before the pitocin via one of these more "natural" ways if possible...plus, I'm just impatient! Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers!


Lydia said...

Very exciting! It's always nice to have a firm date. And you never know, your water could break like mine did and that would be the end of it! As for the bleeding, my doctor said anything less than a heavy period at this point in pregnancy is normal unless it doesn't stop, of course. I hope you'll go into labor before Wednesday! And I don't recommend trying the castor oil. All the girls in my SS class were discussing ways to help me go into labor and several of them had tried it and it didn't work for any of them, except to give them terrible diarrhea which you don't want right now! lol Good luck!

Aileen said...

Yes, we are supper excited about this upcoming event! Poor little Brooklyn - I can't believe she's so cramped in there. I guess you were too and it didn't do you any harm. But still I don't like to think of her all cramped up in there:) I do hope you go into labor on your own, I think it will be a less painful labor that way. We're praying for you and Brooklyn!!!

Melissa @Simply Mel (Formerly Mama Monoblogs) said...

I think it could be any day now!You'll be in my thoughts and prayers the next few days. I do think you will go before your induction date. Anyone wanna take bets? ;o)

robineilene said...

That is SO exciting! To a know an actual date makes it so much more real, I'm sure! I feel stupid for 2 reasons:

1.) I totally didn't know that you are supposed to measure in cm. the number of weeks you are pregnant!

2.) I totally just pulled out a tape measure and measured my own belly! I know I'm not a pro or anything, but it said I'm measuring about a week behind! darn!

Anyway - so happy for you! The end is very near, and I'm very jealous! :)

Heather said...

It is very exciting to know that you only have a week left in your pregnancy at the very most. I remember feeling the same way too. As far as helping yourself go into labor I wouldn't recommend the castor oil. I know people that have tried it and all it did was give them really bad diarrhea. I tried pumping but you have to be really careful because it can over stimulate and make you have contractions without actually going into labor. I would recommend walking and just try to be patient because Brooklyn will come when she is ready. Please keep us updated and if you have questions that I can help with please feel free to email me. Good luck and you will be in my prayers!

Grace said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you! It is such a good feeling to at least know and exact end date even if you do hope and pray that it'll end sooner than that. :) I felt the exact same way at the end my pregnancy with Tyler too. I was relieved to have an induction date set but also hoping that he would come on his own before then. I've gone into labor on my own with Riley and been induced with both boys and while being induced is more intense labor from the beginning, I think if you've never experienced it the other way you won't think it's way more painful than it would have been if labor had started on it's own. It hurts either way, just more quickly with pitocen. I was taken by surprise with Jake's induction and how intense labor was but it didn't seem as bad with Tyler when I knew what to expect from it. I hope everything goes well for you and we'll be praying for you guys! Keep us updated!

Karen said...

Just say NO to castor oil. Trust me on this. As for being induced. I had a great experience. I was only in labor for about 5 hours and even though my epidural wore off when I was at an 8... it helped me when I was actually delivering her because I could feel the contractions and I knew when to push. Also, breathing really helped.... once I started doing some deep inhales/exhales I was able to relax a little right before we started pushing. Overall, I thought giving birth was fun. Call me crazy, but I liked the delivery part.

Jackie's Little World said...

Hey! We loved getting to see you guys and your new house! And Lan is still talking about 'waylon's doggie', haha. Anyway, I'm really excited that you have a true end in sight! Can't wait to see what Brooklyn looks like.
And p.s. I was induced for both and Lan's went semi-awful and Ava's went wonderful...I think whether you go into labor naturally or otherwise it can go either way. Good luck!! You will soon be 'un-pregnant', HA!