Monday, July 6, 2009

My very FIRST "Not me! Monday" post

So I've been reading my sister's Not me! Monday posts for a while and reading them on McMama's blog also ( and decided to give it a try today. So this is a post where you confess to things you certainly did not do this week but just want to make sure everyone knows you didn't do them...just in case they thought you were that type of person. 

- this week I did not spend more time in my recliner and on my computer than being productive in my house. That would be completely lazy of me and even if I am almost 39 weeks pregnant, that is NO excuse to just sit in a recliner 20 hours a day. No, I did not do that.

- I also did not leave my dog out of his kennel last night with because I was too tired and lazy to put him back in it. He could have chewed a number of different things throughout the house and peed and pooped everywhere, so I certainly would never do that and would most definitely take the time to put him up to prevent any of that from happening.

- This week I also did not wear the SAME maternity shorts EVERY SINGLE DAY without washing them because they are the only "summer" maternity bottoms I have right now and I'm too cheap to go buy another pair here for the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy. Nope, not me, I would have at least washed them in between wears to make sure they were clean and not grody.

- I did not spend almost $40 on two different plants, only to watch them die here in the past few days because I went two days without watering either of them in this horrible Texas heat. That would be irresponsible of me and I just wouldn't do something like that...ever.

- While I didn't do any of those things, I also didn't freak out totally when Brooklyn stopped moving for a night and almost go into L&D in a panic. I am much more calm and reasonable then that and am not given to bouts of unnecessary worry. Not me...

- I have also NOT completely skipped over reading the happy birth announcements on Baby Center due to complete jealousy over them having their babies already and me not having mine yet. I'm bigger then that and not a petty, jealous person. I would never stoop that low.

- Lastly, I have not been "meanly" pushing on Brooklyn to get her to change positions when she sticks her rear up in my lungs and make me totally uncomfortable. That would be cruel and I should just grin and bear it and let her get comfy because she's got such little space in there and is probably very uncomfortable herself. Therefore, I would not do that to my poor little baby girl who I can't wait to see.

Phew, that actually felt really good! No wonder so many people do it. :-) You can post your own confessions of what you did not do this past week. Just go to MckMama at and read the rules of how to participate. Is there anything you haven't done this week?


Aileen said...

Good NMM Steph! They say confession is good for the sould, so you should feel pretty good right now! It won't be long before you can use non maternity clothes! Won't that feel good again:)

perrymanponderings said...

Yes, it will feel great mom! I can't wait. i have a feeling I'll still be wearing some maternity pants for a while though...not that I mind, they are super comfortable.

Melissa @Simply Mel (Formerly Mama Monoblogs) said...

Good first NMM post! Don't worry about wearing the same shorts over and over again. You deserve it ;o) And, yes, you might be wearing some maternity clothes for a bit. Your stomach will most likely still be stretched out. Mine was never the same again. I won't go into details but...there was a lot of sag-age.

Stef and Jared said...

very funny!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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