Friday, July 3, 2009

Nursery pictures!

SO, I'm finally posting the long-awaited nursery pictures on here! I know, you have all been holding your breath! Now, my pictures that I took with my own camera did not turn out as good as I would have liked them to. They seem to have a foggy look to them. My mom's camera took much better pictures and they got a wider range. I will see if I can get them from her in the not-so-distant future and then post them. They are a lot better. These don't seem to do the nursery justice in my opinion but I wanted to share so I'm going ahead and posting them!

This first picture is a little corner with her book shelf and some stuff on the wall. 

This is Daddy with the newly painted dresser. And another shelf...

Me with the new changing table we got to match the crib. My sister gave me the wonderful idea of hanging the blanket that came with her bedding as a decoration on the wall since they are so bulky. I love it! The diaper stacker is on the right, hanging from the table and the diaper bag is hanging on the left - fully packed for the hospital with diapers, coming home outfit, pacis and other baby necessities. 

One of my favorite parts of the whole set were the wall hangy things. You can't see the bedding all that well because of the crib slats but that's ok. In the room you can see it much better. It also came with a mobile.
So there you have it. I'm really excited about the nursery being done and now I truly feel ready for Brooklyn's big arrival. I will be writing a post about my appointment yesterday by the day's end. It wasn't all that eventful but worth blogging about. I also have some other stuff to post about (if not in my next post, then for sure in a post of it's own). For now, I will stop here and let you enjoy just looking at my nursery. It's now one of my favorite places to go to just sit and ponder motherhood. I love sitting in the rocker and thinking about her coming home and being in the nursery and sleeping in the crib and me changing her diapers on the changing table. And please, don't make any comments to shatter my illusion that I won't use everything in my nursery exactly how I think I will!!! lol. I know there will be couch diaper changings and she may hate sleeping in her crib at the beginning and I might not get to use those cute diapers that I have in the diaper stacker b/c they might be too small for her or something. I just want to live in my fantasy world right now where I'm going to have all these wonderful bonding moments with my daughter in her nursery. At least give that to me!


Lydia said...

The room looks really cute! I love the bedding and now that I've seen where you put your crib mobile, I'm thinking about moving mine from the side to the back. haha It's in the way half the time when I'm trying to put Cooper down.
Unless Brooklyn is a 10 pounder, you'll be able to use the newborn diapers at least for a few days. :) We thought we had too many newborn diapers, but we went through all of them (an entire box plus 2 or 3 smaller packages) in 2 weeks! I've already moved Cooper up to size ones now because he kept leaking out of the newborns. You'll be on this side before you know it. The diaper pail will be overflowing with dirty diapers,the hamper overflowing with dirty onesies, the crib sheets changed multiple times and multiple cans of formula used (if you don't end up breastfeeding). Very exciting! And tiring! :)

SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

Stopping by to wish you happy bloghopping ;).
Congratulations on the comming baby. You'll soon forget that you ever had free time. LOL! But it is so worth it!
Hop over!

Melissa@MamaMonoblogs said...

I already left comments on FB about the nursery but I thought I would mention again how much I like them! Oh and here's a diaper tip I learned. Put the next size up on the baby at night. It helps keep the urine from leaking out and the baby from feeling it as much. This is, of course, once the baby is older and sleeping several hours-to the whole night long. At the beginning you'll be changing her every time you get up to feed her at night. But, it's a good thing to know. It saved me from having to do diaper changes in the middle of the night once the girls were sleeping thru the night