Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Change is in the air...

So I've listed several things I'm wanting to do/change in my life. I figured I would give an update as to what has gotten done so far and what I'm at least attempting to work on getting done.

Quiet time - getting better at it. It totally gets thrown off if Brooklyn has a bad night's sleep and I end up sleeping later and then wake up already behind. I know I should still make the time for it, but I'm not good at that yet. I will get better.

Eating at home more - we're doing better! I did one week's worth of cooking with my e-mealz menu and we went grocery shopping yesterday for another week's worth of menus. I didn't cook one today but I plan on it tomorrow.

Bills - we're current on everything but got a couple of new lab bills from the hospital stay - ugh! We're staying on top of things though. Waylon had some extra school loan money left over after his tuition was paid so we're using some of that to get ahead. I know...naughty.

Savings account/Brooklyn account - the savings account for our vacation is opened. I haven't opened one for Brooklyn yet though. That will happen in the next week hopefully.

De-clutter my house - this will be a long-term goal. We are starting to get things looking more organized though. We went to IKEA today and got a new desk, a coffee table with storage space and two new end tables and lamps to go on it. We also got an area rug for our living room. Everything looks great in it's place and I spent a lot of time today organizing things in the office. I also got something to organize the bills. It's helping. Again though, this will take a while to do.

Putting more time into my Mary Kay - I have definitely stepped it up a notch in this area. I'm going to all the meetings my schedule allows me to. I've also stepped out and approached a couple of people I've never met and gave them my business card. I went to a few neighbors this past week and introduced myself and gave them some samples. I'm trying to drum up some skin care class parties but this is proving to be harder than I thought. People are just so busy these days and I'm not convincing enough I guess. Either way, I'm putting more time and effort into it and that has got to help.

Developing a better relationship with my husband - This is obviously a life long commitment. We HAVE spent more time together and gone on a couple of "dates" to the movies lately. We try to have some alone time every day regardless of what time it is by the time Brooklyn is down and sleeping. 

Exercise - this one I'm putting some extra effort into. I've joined the Watauga rec center and gone to work out 3 times now. Yesterday I got a fit pass which allows me to take the classes they offer. I'm going to start a boot camp class tomorrow that goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-6. This will work perfectly with my school schedule. School gets out at 3:48 everyday and that gives me time to grade a little after school and then get to the rec center. I'll pick up at least another day during the week, probably Friday and do a normal workout on an aerobic machine. I really want to get in shape and get my figure back that I had several years ago. It's a big expectation but I can do it if I work hard enough and cut out crappy food and eat healthier. 

So there you have my update on how I'm changing my life. 

Brooklyn continues to develop and grow and amazes us every day with he beautiful smile. She is so responsive now to when we talk to her and interact with her. She smiles regularly on purpose and is enjoying looking around and seeing her surroundings a lot more. Her favorite way to be held is facing forward so she can see everything going on. We got her some swaddling blankets and a little thing for her to lay on in her bed that keeps her from rolling over and elevates her head a little. She is sleeping a lot better now, although last night didn't go so well. Tonight she seems to be doing much better and I hope she continues to sleep straight on through till 4am at least. She is so big now and I'm almost positive that by the time we go in for her 2 month check up in a week and a half she is going to be 14 or 15 pounds! I swear the girl is a chunk!! She's also just so long! She's definitely not going to be a small girl. She will be tall and substantial. lol. I feel sorry for her.

I will post pictures of our new living room set up and stuff as soon as we get the old stuff out of the way and things are a bit tidier. Right now it looks a lot better than it did before but it's still not to where I would like it to be.

For now my words will have to be enough to paint the picture in your mind... (smirks


Lydia said...

You've gotta love the hospital bills that pop up out of nowhere! haha
I'll tell you some finacial advice that we were given. "You can't finance retirement, but your child can finance college." So I wouldn't stress too much about setting up a big account for Brooklyn just take care of your financial needs first.
Good luck with getting everything accomplished! Sounds like you're on the right track! :)

Melissa @Simply Mel (Formerly Mama Monoblogs) said...

sounds like you're doing good and are on the right track. It really is all about baby steps and prioritizing.

Aileen said...

Ditto! Keep moving ahead and staying consistent with everything. Even when you don't acomplish one day what you want just start up the next day again. It is baby steps and not getting discouraged and quitting everything!

Debra Waldo said...

It sounds like you've got a plan in action. Take it one day at a time. All that organization will get done eventually. I know what you mean about wanted to get back in shape. I'm giving Katelyn a few more months to get older and then I'm checking out some gyms. I never lost the weight from when I was pregnant with Will. Ugh. Just remember, Brooklyn will sleep through the night eventually. This will end one day. I know its hard right now, but it will end. Soon she will be able to be on cereal and that might help. You're a great mom and Brooklyn is a beautiful blessing!