Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here's to first successes!! And hopefully many more!

I just wanted to do a little cheer for myself for a little, yet big, accomplishment tonight. I got my first outside sale with MK tonight! It came from a referral and my customer was looking for a Spanish-speaking consultant...which I am. :) I called her up, got her address, took all my stuff over there and she just kept asking to try this and that and kept picking more and more stuff to buy. I was thrilled! Not only did she have a great experience but she took a couple of business cards to give to her family members who use MK but don't have a Spanish-speaking consultant to buy from! I was pumped!! I'm having my debut party the 27th and need to get on the ball getting my invitations sent out. I hope lots of people come. It not only will help me get my business jump started, but it will also be fun for anyone who comes and there will be lots of cool product to try out. So if you read this and you live near me and you want to come and you haven't got an invitation in the next few days, TELL ME!!! I want you there!!
ok, that's all...just had to get a little excited. Toodles!!

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